Buffalo Chicken Pizza, YUM

I have never been into buffalo wings (the tendons and skin and weird part of the chicken freak me out), but I have found a fondness for hot wing sauce. ...

The Yin to My Yang

Jackson Hole is comprised of an incredible list of attributes that make it undeniably special. Things such as access to pristine wilderness, a vibrant community, good eats and entertainment, and ...

Ahoy, Mate

There are many drinks on the market today that are marketed as natural, organic, caffeinated, etc., for all your many needs. However, there aren’t that many that have all those ...

The Daily Dish

Customize Your Wine Collection

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that it’s time to get more ...

2014 JH Wine Auction Tickets on Sale

Tickets are now on sale for the 2014 Jackson Hole Wine Auction. ...

The Après Wing Showdown

You’re hungry. You’ve been schussing down the mountain all day and it’s ...

Latest News

Spring Pea Dip

  Spring has sprung! After a long winter season of eating hummus, this light spring dip will invigorate your taste buds. Even though the recipe calls for frozen, not fresh, peas, this dish is still a healthy option to be served and enjoyed with fresh picked dipping veggies of your choice. This is highly recommended […]

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Weekend Rendezvous in Jackson

Prepare yourselves for a weekend full of music, food and fun. This weekend, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, along with various participants and sponsors, is hosting it’s first annual Jackson Hole Rendezvous. It’s a three-day spring lifestyle and music festival gathering of mountain and music lovers to bid farewell to winter and welcoming spring with open […]

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White Buffalo Club to Host Wine Dinners

  Before everyone starts complaining about there being nothing to do in off-season, you should take advantage of the spring events we have left in town. This Sunday the White Buffalo Club is hosting a wine dinner not to miss. The restaurant is pairing up with Napa Valley’s Kenefick Ranch and offering a four-course paired […]

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Celebrate Snake River Brewery’s 20th Anniversary

Three dollar beers ($2 during happy hour). Old menu favorites like the Glacier Pie. And prices on specials under $10. It could only mean the Snake River Brewery, aka the Brewpub, is turning 20. To celebrate, the restaurant is offering specials all day long. For today only, the gang at the Brewpub is rolling prices […]

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Salad Done Salty, Sweet in a Nutshell

My parents have been visiting for the last week, so the food I have been eating in recent days has been more expensive and more delicious than what I eat on a regular basis. We’ve either been out to dinner every night, or my mom has cooked. She is a very good cook. I am […]

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Beyond Power Bars: Bacon Chocolate Rice Muffins

The first time I made these rice-based bacon muffins, I had my doubts about them. The batter was thin, and the ingredients were a tad unusual for a muffin. But I was intrigued by the savory and sweet combination of bacon and chocolate in a healthy muffin designed to feed elite cyclists while training. The […]

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Four Great Late Night Spots

The Jackson Town Square is the perfect place to fulfill all your needs: alcohol, live music and food. But let’s face it, going out to the bars and consuming alcohol makes you hungry, sometimes so hungry that your alcohol-soaked brain convinces you you’re starving and need as much food as fast as you can get […]

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The Indian Finally Opens

Ever since word spread about an Indian restaurant coming to town, it was all the buzz: when, where, who, when! Well folks, the wait is over. The Indian opened last week at 165 Center Street. Ryan Haworth, and his wife Sunanta, (also owners of Teton Thai in Driggs) have finally finished the beautiful space and […]

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Try the Ramen at Couloir

So often we pick a topic of dishes to write about — elk, pasta, pizza — and write one all-encompassing story about that topic. But since there are so many interesting dishes all over town, we’ve decided to start a new column that will focus on just one dish at a time. We’re calling it […]

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Ginger Pound Cake

I stay motivated to cook by cooking new dishes as often as possible. When you repeat the same dish over and over, it can become monotonous and not seem as exciting a project. I find that when you make something new, there is always an element of mystery to it that keeps me motivated. Anything […]

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St. Paddy’s Day 2014

Get ready Jackson; Monday is everyone’s favorite excuse to day drink.  St. Paddy’s Day has arrived.  Here’s the lowdown on where to eat, drink, listen to music and wear your best green threads. Stocking up for the weekend?  Head over to the Whole Grocer’s beer and cocktail tasting today where they’ll be sampling Irish themed cocktails […]

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Wine, Beer, Champagne; What More Could You Want?

If you’ve been to events around Jackson Hole, then you know we have some industry people who know how to entertain. With a slew of educated foodies, beer-braised brewers and wine connoisseurs, Jackson is the place to get all things food and drink. A new round of events is coming up that is sure to […]

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The 62 Percent: Are you a Hallmark Victim?

Sixty two percent of North Americans celebrate St. Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards, candy or a “romantic” dinner. If you’re math illiterate, that’s half of the population buying into the idea that giving a Whitman’s Sampler will get you laid. Flowers distributed on the awful holiday: 180 million Heart shaped boxes filled of corn syrup […]

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The Saucy Gentleman in the Cherry Style

I want to be the Don Cherry of food writing. In case you are unfamiliar with Don Cherry, he is an NHL defenseman, turned coach, turned commentator. Cherry co-hosts Coaches Corner for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and it is there where he shares his rock’em-sock’em views with the hockey world. Cherry doesn’t pull punches. He […]

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