Parker Thomas Events will Help you Pick the Perfect Menu

We’ve all been there. The event (wedding, dinner party, fundraiser, etc) starts out great. And then, you eat the food. All of a sudden all you can remember is how ...

Summertime Cocktails

Summertime means a lot of things to me, barbecues, camping, farmers markets, fresh veggies, the list goes on. One of the perks of working for Dishing is the ability to ...

Peach Barbeque Sauce

Peaches scream summer to me.  There is something about the delectable fruit that is typically best eaten on a hot day on the deck so the juices can just run ...

The Daily Dish

DDD: Pinky G’s

We hope you were able to catch Sidewinders on Diner’s Drive-Ins and ...

Don’t Bike on an Empty Stomach

It’s not something you hear often, like “Don’t swim 30 minutes after ...

Summer Beers are Here

Before moving to Jackson last fall, I lived in Denver, Colo., for ...

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Farmers’ Market Favorites: Burger Night

Grilling to me is synonymous with summer. Don’t get me wrong, I pull out the barbecue all months of the year, it’s just more enjoyable when it’s not snowing or freezing out. I don’t exclusively grill burgers, but it’s just one of those things that are 100 percent better when they are grilled than if they […]

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Homemade Ricotta

I am in one of those phases in which I have been making lots of great food. Not to brag or anything, but I’ve just been inspired, and it’s been fun. This can be a phase. I happen to be into it right now and have been going out of my way to try new dishes […]

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Summer Picnic Recipe Series: Part 4

Our last and final summer picnic recipe to share with y’all is a hearty dish with lots of flavor. Created by Spur Restaurant and Bar’s chef Kevin Humphreys, the steak saltado is the savory star of a perfect summer picnic. This Wyoming steak recipe is served sliced and covered with a saltado sauce using roma tomatoes, […]

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DDD: Sidewinders and Pinky G’s Episodes

As you probably know, the town was abuzz recently when Guy Fieri and his Food Network television show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives came to Jackson to see how we like to cook and eat. He and his crew filmed six restaurants and a handful of dishes from each restaurant to see if they had what it takes […]

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Beat the Heat With Cool Treats and Sweets

Jackson’s beautiful weather and environment is reputable, but man it’s starting to get hot out there. It definitely doesn’t compare to the Georgia heat I grew up in, but it’s proving that our cool summer nights that we experienced last month are gone for at least a little while. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely enjoyed […]

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Summer Picnic Recipe Series: Part 3

    The third recipe in our summer picnic series is blackberry lemon bars, another one of Couloir’s Executive Chef Wes Hamilton’s creations- which are featured on our cover- and are just so tasty. Combining the perfect amount of blackberries, lemon juice, graham crackers, and a touch of rosemary for an herbal taste, this sweet […]

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Summer Picnic Recipe Series: Part 2

The second recipe of our summer picnic recipe series, Stu’s salad, is a fresh and light dish that screams summer picnic. The best part about this recipe is that it is simple to make, complimented with the perfect ingredients. It also packs and travels well, which is important when creating a menu for a picnic. […]

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Market Table Dinners are Back

Everyone loves finding the freshest produce and connecting with producers at the farmers markets around town. You know that whatever you are putting on your plate is about as fresh as you can get without growing it yourself. Looking at restaurant menus, I instinctively go for things that say Snake River or Teton Valley, knowing they […]

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Summer Picnic Recipe Series: Part One

For our recent summer issue, we added a new section called “Outside the Kitchen,” where we explored what chefs like to cook outside of their designated restaurants. We enjoyed the perfect outdoor picnic with an exceptional menu created and prepared by chefs Kevin Humphreys of Spur Restaurant and Bar and Wes Hamilton of Jackson Hole Mountain […]

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Tip a Glass While You Shop

I’m not going to lie, when I walk into The Liquor Store my eye goes straight to those little yellow tags. It’s not that I mind spending a few bucks more for good wine, it’s that those sale tags mean that my purchase is a far less risky proposition. If I don’t like my $10 […]

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Burgers on Burgers

In the first issue of our magazine, we highlighted some delicious burgers around town in the story “Beloved Burgers.” That was almost three years ago, and man how things have changed in the burger world. There are so many variations of burgers these days. Some people may go crazy with toppings and condiments, while other focus just […]

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White Buffalo Club Offers Breakfast at Bird in Hand Cafe

While we all know and love the White Buffalo Club for one of the best steak dinners in Jackson Hole, the hotel and restaurant are now also offering breakfast. In the morning, the downstairs restaurant space becomes Bird in Hand Cafe every day. Offering classics such as pancakes, a breakfast burrito and huevos rancheros, the […]

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Stock your Fridge on Saturdays

For some people, Saturday morning marks the end of a long week and a much-awaited morning to sleep in, leisurely drink a cup of coffee and map out the garage sales that you are going to check out during the day. For others, Saturday brings a very early alarm, loading up your car and bringing your […]

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What’s Fresh: Cherries!

With the start of the Jackson Hole People’s Market two weeks ago, we’ve been stocking our kitchens with as much local and regional foods that we can. Thus, the return of our What’s Fresh column for the summer. Last week at the People’s Market, which goes on at 4 p.m. every Wednesday at the base of Snow […]

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