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Tartare: It’s All the Craze

This past off season, I was lucky enough to travel to Europe for a much needed three week vacation. We (my boyfriend and I) traveled to Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, ...

Summer Salts Recipe Series: Part 2

The second part of our summer salts recipe series highlights the Danish Smoked Salt. This is a pure sea salt from the Dead Sea which is cold-smoked over hickory wood, a traditional ...

JH Winery is Leading the Pack

I had the pleasure of taking the trip out to Jackson Hole Winery for the first time last week. I was famillar with their wines, and knew I liked them, ...

The Daily Dish

Summertime Cocktails: Take Two

I am not going to lie. I am getting pretty sick of ...

Summer Desserts

Summertime means you don’t have to follow the rules. Sleeping in, eating ...

The Noodle Kitchen Is Open For Business

The newest restaurant to hit the Jackson food scene has opened. Joe ...

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Summer Salts Recipe Series: Part 1

In the latest issue of our magazine, you will find the “Summer Salts” article, where we caught up with Vom Fass owner, Kim Weiss, to get the scoop on all things salt. What we discovered was that life exists beyond just kosher and sea salts, which inspired us to create a summer salt recipe series […]

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Homemade Huckleberry Milkshake

After years of being skunked, I finally found some huckleberries. And boy was it fun! I only sort of loosely went looking for them. I really just needed to go on a dog friendly hike and hadn’t been away from the quick ones near town in a while. I saw social media postings of others […]

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Street Food in Wilson

There is a new restaurant in Wilson. Street Food at the Stagecoach opened last week in what was formerly the Stagecoach Grill and is a perfect stop after a bike ride on the pass or tube along Fish creek. New owners Marcos and Amelia Hatchard took no time at all getting the old restaurant transitioned. In only […]

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Moone-Tsai Wine Dinner

If you can’t get enough wine and food this summer and want to go to a phenomenal foodie event that incorporates both of those things, then The Wort Hotel has something special for you. On Aug. 21, certified sommelier Alicia Guzman will join Larry and MaryAnn Tsai, of Moone-Tsai Winery, to host a wine dinner. […]

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Jackson Hole Restaurants, Jackson Hole Dining

OYG is Back, Sort Of

Anyone else miss pizza night on Sundays? How about the huge bowl of steaming, rich lasagna? Or even the homemade lemoncello and polenta cookies at the end of the meal. I think anyone who has lived in the valley for more than a couple years misses the Old Yellowstone Garage, or OYG as it was […]

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Jackson Hole Restaurants, Jackson Hole Dining

Take Lemons and Parsley Pop Up Dinner to Your Home

If you missed the Lebanese pop up dinner thrown at Persephone Bakery‘s cafe or you are simply craving a taste of Nona Yehia’s Meditteranean cuisine, then we have a treat for you. Yehia, the creative force behind the Lemons and Parsley pop up concept and a local architect, has shared a recipe for one of the […]

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Jackson Hits the Big Apple

On October 2nd, New York City will get a taste of the culinary scene in Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Fine Dining Restaurant Group have teamed up with the community of Jackson to present Jackson Hole: From the Range, an event celebrating Jackson’s unique culinary culture at New York’s famed James Beard House. […]

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Farmers’ Market Favorites: Roast Chicken Night

This past week has been a refreshing reminder that yes, we in fact do live in the mountains. With three days of rain and 50 to 60 degree days I think affectionately back to summertime in Seattle, when even though it’s August, you still have to look at the weather report before planning anything outside. As a […]

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Lunch Improvisation

Growing up, my mom cooked every dinner. I never really saw her follow a recipe step-by-step. She would glance at one for casual guidelines, but she took pride in creating dishes that weren’t so by-the-book. She was definitely a creative cook. Thanks to my mom, I got the cooking bug. And like her, I’ll occasionally […]

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Summer Foodie Events: Wine Dinner

There are so many fun and tasty things that have happened this summer, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. From wine dinners to champagne specials, and so much more, summer foodie events are sure to whet your whistle, and they always guarantee a fun, tasty time. The Four Seasons Resort and Residences is hosting […]

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It’s a Vacation. Eat What You Want, and Do What You Want.

My friend from high school recently visited me, so before she arrived I took a good look around my kitchen and decided I needed to drag my lazy ass to Albertson’s and buy some food. At that moment, my fridge contained the following: a bottle of salad dressing, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce and Coke Zero. My […]

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Rosa’s Tamales: Authentic Flavors in Jackson

The People’s and farmers markets are in full swing this summer. If you haven’t stopped by, you need to block off a Wednesday evening and a Saturday morning to see what the buzz is all about. There is such a pleasant mix of local and nearby vendors selling the latest, freshest, tastiest, craftiest goods. Some […]

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Farmers’ Market Favorites: BBQ Night

Recently I have been noticing a healthy but slightly disturbing trend after coming home from the People’s Market and Saturday market, my tiny fridge is full of veggies. By full, I mean barley shut the door full. I have a juicer to directly combat this onslaught of veggies that gets replenished twice a week but […]

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Raspberry Jalapeño Cilantro Jam

Last week I was in Park City, Utah, and I had the best afternoon snack. It was a piece of thick wheat bread, slathered with a smear of softened goat cheese and topped with a habanero-orange jam. It was the perfect piece of toast. If I lived near this restaurant (Publik Coffee Roaster if you […]

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