Ask For It: The Kitchen’s Apricot Fizz


apricot fizz, st. germain, cocktail, the kitchen, jackson retaurant, dishing jh, jh dishing, dining jackson hole, ask for it, cocktail recipeI, for one, am a sucker for anything served in a Champagne flute. Be it a mimosa, a bellini or just straight Champagne or sparkling wine. If it comes in one of those tall, slender glasses, it’s pretty much a given I’ll be in heaven.

The Kitchen slid this mouthwatering recipe for their Apricot Fizz our way. Made with cava, a Spanish sparkling wine, St. Germain, a liquer made from elder flower and apricot nectar, there’s no way this bad boy could do any wrong.


Apricot Fizz


  • 3 ounces apricot nectar
  • 1 ounces St. Germain
  • Cava


  • Combine apricot nectar and St. Germain in a champagne flute.
  • Fill with Cava.
  • Sip, guzzle, slurp ... whatever you do, enjoy!

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