Pinky G’s Delivers Pies in Style


Pinky G's, Pinky G's Pizzeria, Pizza Delivery, Volkswagen Beetle, New York Style Pizza, Dining Jackson Hole, Dishing Jackson Hole, Jackson Hole Restaurants, Tom Fay, Dishing JHWho can resist a classic Volkswagen Beetle? Apparently not Tom Fay.

When the Pinky G’s owner saw it parked on the corner near his house, he envisioned his new delivery wheels, now affably named “Pinky the Lovebug.”

When Fay first saw the 1973 classic with a “for sale” sign on it, he knew it would be a fun marketing tool for his new restaurant.

“I saw the vision,” he said. “It was an eye-catcher as it was.”

Upon investigation, he found it reasonably priced at only $900.

“The inside was awesome and the radio still worked,” he said.

Fay cleaned it up, put logos on both doors, the front hood, the back window and both rear side windows. He now uses Pinky to deliver pizzas and the business’s phone numbers.

Pinky is available for delivering pizza and other goodies from 11 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week. In-town deliveries are free. A small fee will be charged outside of town (depending on the area).

“We might even be willing to take food to Victor and Driggs, if it’s a large order,” Fay said.

Pinky can hold up to 4 large pizzas in its warmers and they come with cheese and red pepper flakes, too. There is only one driver at a time on staff so if you call when they are really busy they will give you a best-guess delivery time.


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