Bootlegger Serves up Server Discount


With restaurants and hotels reopening after the off-season, it may be time for all you in the service industry to update your wardrobes.

Jackson Bootlegger is here to help. The Town Square shop offers a 10 percent discount on black Dansko’s and Birkenstocks for people who work in the service industry (one small caveat: the store will determine whether shoes are practical for work before applying the discount).

While Danskos may not be the most fashionable of shoes, the do help with posture and back pain way more than a pair of stilettos or Vans. What’s more? They carry the American Podiatric Medical Associations Seal of Acceptance (which means it’s been determined to promote quality foot health).

We asked store owner Brianna Moteberg for some of her top picks (below). And what should someone look for when buying a shoe to, say, wait tables or work behind the bar?

Arch support is everything, she says. “You want your arch supported for overall body health and happiness, whether you are pregnant (when your rapid weight gain can cause collapsed arches which makes your feet hurt, your back hurt, your everything hurt and sadly, makes your feet grow in size) or a waitress, chef, nurse, teacher, doctor or retail worker.”


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