You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato


It might not seem like tomato season, with yesterday’s snow and the roaring winds outside today, but never has the season been better. Tomatoes are abundant at the local markets and groceries these days. Bright, shiny globes of varying shades of reds and yellows. Heirlooms with stripes of color and irregular shapes. Baskets of juicy cherry tomatoes. In this most popular form, tomatoes don pastas and pizzas in bright red sauces. Here is a look at spots around town doing something different with their tomato presentations.

Bin22 brings the diversity of tomatoes to life with their bacon wrapped Medjool dates. These decadent dates, in addition to being wrapped in bacon, are combined with house-made chorizo, Manchego cheese, and tied together with a spicy tomato sauce. The sweetness of the dates and spiciness of the tomato sauce embolden the tomato flavors in a shared plate that will make you feel like you’re treating yourself to a savory dessert at the start of your meal.

The Silver Dollar Bar & Grill presents fried green tomatoes on their starter menu, served with baby arugula, red pepper chutney, and roasted corn. In this dish, it’s important to get a bit of everything in every bite, as the varying textures are really impressive. A savory bite before your meal, this dish will have you thinking about the 1991 classic movie of the same name, “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

If our video on FIGS, of Hotel Jackson, hasn’t already piqued your interest, their creative use of tomatoes in their authentic Lebanese cuisine definitely should. On their tartare menu, the tuna nieh is served with smoked tomato chips, lime juice, and jalapeno. Although kebabs put the spotlight on grilled meats, their veggie kebab features grilled onion, tomato and bell pepper. The Lebanese seasonings elevate the bright, juicy bursts of flavor from the blistered tomatoes. teton tiger vegan tomato

Vegans and carnivores will agree that the vegan makhanwala at Teton Tiger is a dish that is so delicious, it will have both parties cleaning their plates. The delhi style vegan curry serves up cauliflower, potato, carrots, butternut squash and peas in a spiced tomato and coconut milk based sauce. The coconut in the sauce tones down the spice added with the tomatoes. The flavors here are rich and satisfying. Factor in the filling element of the rice, and you’re likely to find yourself in a post-Tiger food coma.

When I start my day with a Bubba’s breakfast, I tend to lean toward the heavier menu items, filling up on toast, country spuds, or pancakes. However, the incorporation of tomatoes into certain dishes adds bright, refreshing flavors that balance some of the heavier elements. Take the Hunter’s Benedict, for example. The brioche toast is topped with elk sausage, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, poached eggs, and classic béarnaise sauce, country spuds on the side. hunters benedict


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