Winter’s Bounty: In Seaon’s Winter Bread Share


The snow’s coming down and soup season is on. What is soup’s favorite companion? Bread. Honestly, though, what doesn’t bread pair well with? Add to a charcuterie board, spread with butter and preserves for breakfast or serve a slice next to an indulgent, rustic inspired dinner. The options are endless, so it’s a good thing the In Season winter bread share program allows folks to stay stocked with sourdough loaves all winter long.

in seasonAbout the Bread

The sourdough bread loaves from In Season start with three ingredients: organic flour, fresh water and their own live yeast culture. Incorporating seasonal flavors and ingredients, there are no sweeteners or oils in In Season’s bread products. By utilizing live instead of dried yeast, the bread remains fresh much longer. The bread is fermented by using lactobacillus cultures–a probiotic that is beneficial to the gut. This fermentation helps achieve a nutrient rich food product that is full of enzymes and probiotics.

In Season bread provides an invaluable source of nourishment and is created under the belief that food is meant to be preventative of disease.

in seasonAbout the Bakers

The German/American couple behind In Season combines a mutual passion for big mountains and nourishing, from-scratch food items in their baking. Francesa was born near Munich, Germany, and divided her childhood between exploring the Alps and the Tetons. Both mountain ranges infused a sense of adventure in her lifestyle. Her wholesome approach to holistic wellness and nutrition is felt and tasted in the ingredients, preparation and ambiance of In Season’s dining experiences. Blaine, a Jackson local, developed an affinity for big mountains among Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. He became infatuated with the meditative process of baking sourdough bread and allowed it to lead him to various culinary institutes in California and hone his skills at Persephone Bakery, in Jackson, as well. His sense of adventure and unique perspective on culinary possibility allow him free range when preparing an unforgettable dining experience for In Season season

Winter Bread Share Options

Starting Nov. 28, the In Season winter bread share runs for 14 weeks. Pickups are every Wednesday at three different locations: Moonshine Liquor in Victor, Teton Pines in Wilson or at Healthy Being Café & Juicery in Jackson. Each week, participants can choose between lemon sage sourdough, country sourdough, whole wheat sourdough or a rotating special. Additional special orders for holiday parties and events are welcomed via email. Also consider catering by In Season for your next dining experience. For more information, or to sign up, email

Weekly Knead Membership: $110

Receive one loaf per week, for 14 weeks, from Nov. 28-March 13.

Weekly Rise Membership: $215

Receive two In Season loaves for the 14 week program.

Bi-monthly Ferment Membership: $57

Receive one loaf every other week.

*There will be no delivery January 23 and 30, for all memberships. in season


About Author

Raised in the land of casseroles and deep fried cheese curds, Sam Simma left rural Wisconsin for the mountains of Wyoming in summer 2012. Her appetite for adventure is the only thing that rivals her passion for food. She has always used writing to document and critique her travel and dining experiences. Her warmest memories among family and friends have been associated with the food that was at the center of the occasion. From staging cooking shows with siblings to perfecting turtle brownies with her dad, today Sam enjoys connecting people over food by hosting cookie decorating parties, wine pairing nights, and Midwest-inspired potlucks. A dessert fanatic, she has come to impress friends and family with key lime pies, Oreo bon bons, and Snickers ice cream cakes that are far simpler than they could ever imagine. Shhh! Don’t tell.

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