Who Spilled the Wine? Post-Holiday Cleaning


Now that the holidays have come and gone, it’s time to take stock of the damage. How did your home fare from the onslaught of friends and family? We love them, we do, but do we love the mess? Let the professionals help you get your home back in order for the new year.carpet clean

O2 Cleaning by Outpost

O2 Cleaning provides a number of different options: from a standard clean to a deep clean, or even a move out and post-construction specific clean, there’s an option for all. For those specialty tasks, O2 has your fireplace, carpets, the inside of your refrigerator and even your recycling disposal covered. For those looking for a regular cleaning service, O2 offers lower rates to those who want cleaning at least every other week. Even businesses can start the year on the right foot with a commercial cleaning by O2 Cleaning.

For your personal perusal, the experts at O2 Cleaning have prepared the following mess-fighting tips:

After months of cooking for family and friends for the holidays, your stove top could probably use some extra attention this January. Sometimes that stove top gunk just won’t budge, but we can help! Our go-to product for this tough mess is Mrs. Meyer’s Surface Scrub, used if you select our “eco-friendly products” option! This non-scratching powder breaks through that week-old pie filling stuck around your burners, and the Lemon Verbena scent leaves your whole kitchen smelling squeaky clean.

cleanWhat about those wine stains, we asked?

Sometimes Aunt Barbara gets a little too excited at Christmas dinner, and her pinot noir ends up all over your new tablecloth. Don’t fret! We can save it. First things first, BLOT, don’t scrub. Second, grab the table salt and liberally apply to the stain. This will help pull the liquid from the fabric. Let the salt sit for a few minutes, then grab the dust-buster. Once the excess salt is vacuumed from the cloth, continue to blot until stain feels dry. Finally, cover the soiled area with Oxyclean (or hydrogen peroxide + laundry detergent for those who don’t have a stain fighter) and wash on a gentle setting. This should do the trick! And if not, looks like Aunt Barbara is buying you a new tablecloth.

Start the new year with less clutter and mess, with help from O2 Cleaning. See all the services they offer or inquire about a custom cleaning project by visiting their site, HERE.

Mastercare Cleaning

There’s a reason the word master is included in their title: the folks at Mastercare know cleaning. At both residential and commercial locations, Mastercare’s goal is to bring you quality carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning. Bring your old carpet back to life, remove pet odors and be rid of stubborn stains. There is no job too large or small for the Mastercare Cleaning crew.pet clean

Experts in the carpet cleaning realm, Mastercare understands that different types of carpet and upholstry require different cleaning treatments some might need extra treatments in an effort to get out carpet stains when they appear. Their knowledgeable team is ready to tackle your project with green cleaning products and deodorizers. They also now offer tile and stone cleaning. Restore the color of your dingy, discolored tile and grout.

When it comes to holiday dinner party stains, owner Luke Smith says don’t just grab whatever is under the sink:

This rarely gets the stain out and generally sets the stain in. My best advice is to just blot the stain as best you can with a towel and call us. We have much better success when the stain has not been treated by the homeowner. Even if you call us just for advice, that is free and usually will save some frustration and permanent stains in the long run.

Call the Mastercare Cleaning crew at 307-733-4417 to inquire more about their services. And, when you mention this post, receive 15% off your January cleaning services from Mastercare Cleaning.


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