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This is the first in a series of posts that catch up with the young, up-and-coming Ones to Watch: the New Generation of Jackson Hole Foodies published in Dishing’s issue 7 in 2015. A lot can happen in three years time, especially for these ambitious businessmen and women, chefs and craftsmen. First, we sit down with Anthony Schroth, winemaker and founder of Jackson Hole Winery to see what he’s been up to.


Due to a particularly late harvest in the Russian River Valley, Caifornia, fruit is still coming in on trucks to the winery’s beautiful South Park Loop property in late October and early November. Schroth is in his element as he orchestrates the delicate dance that is harvest/vintage time: fruit needs to be unloaded from the trucks, processed through the winery’s brand new crusher/destemmer and put into bins for primary fermentation. Bins of fruit that are already fermenting need to be punched down, or aerated, and tested for sugar and PH levels. Schroth does all of this on minimal sleep, after driving the fruit all the way to Wyoming from Sonoma, where he manages vineyards.


Today, the winery is processing pinot noir grapes. “This harvest was uncharcateristcally consistent,” Schroth explains. “The fruit is so good, it makes the winemaking easy. The pinot noir has these beautiful cherry, strawberry flavors, and tea box aromatics.”

Since the Ones to Watch article was printed, Schroth’s production at Jackson Hole Winery has more than doubled. Still, it remains a small, boutique operation, but more production means more income to put back into the business. Schroth is particularly happy about new equipment purchases such as the crusher/destemmer and bin dumper, which allow him to process fruit more than twice as quickly.


Schroth’s wines are still winning medals, too– this year’s releases took home gold and silver in the chardonnay and pinot noir categories, respectively.

The winery is also opening a winter tasting room in town. Tastings on the winery’s beautiful property have become increasingly popular, and over the summer months you will still be able to book these tastings at the winery’s barn (by appointment) seven days a week. During the winter, tastings were previously held in the barrel room, but now that the winery’s production has grown, that room is valuable space for storing wines as they age before bottling. So, to solve this problem, the winery is renting Barker Ewing rafting company’s space for the winter months and transforming it into a tasting room.

Visit the winery’s website for more information on winter tasting hours and to support the valley’s only winery!

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