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At the time of Dishing’s Ones to Watch: the New Generation of Jackson Hole Foodies release, Corey Milligan was slated to star in a reality show that didn’t end up panning out. His son Buck became the family TV star instead, taking home the Chopped Jr. Grand Championship – but, with two new stores and production soaring, Milligan has had his hands plenty full. We catch up with “The Craftsman” and find out how cutting edge (see what I did there) innovation has cemented New West Knifeworks as a hub of Western cool.

Milligan’s company, New West Knifeworks, has almost quadrupled in production since the article’s release, while still retaining its boutique, custom-made street cred (they are still the only manufacturer of high-end kitchen cutlery in the country). The larger production output has resulted in the relocation of their factory from Gregory Lane to Victor starting January 2019. This move will help create jobs without the commute, and even provide an outlet store to the other side of Teton Pass.

New West Knifeworks has also expanded locations, opening storefronts in Napa Valley and Park City, Utah. Its brother company Mountain Man Toy Shop (located right next door to New West Knifeworks in Jackson) is also “kicking ass.” Milligan explains, “Tomahawks have exploded in popularity all over the country.  We developed a new tomahawk to supply the throwing tomahawks in bars.”

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This comes as no surprise, as Milligan and New West are always on the edge of innovation. Milligan credits this internal growth to his partnership with production manager Erin Hemmings. “He’s kind of a genius,” Milligan explains. “I’ve made knives in Japan, been to Italy to see knives made. Hemmings invented this machine that puts serration on our blades that doesn’t cost much and works better than anything I’ve seen in the world. Knives have been made forever, so to make something unique is kind of a big deal.”

Innovation, expansion and partnerships with people like Hemmings have allowed Milligan’s creative drive to run wild: he now has the resources to manufacture products that were previously relegated to the drawing board. This is great news for the consumer, and any connoisseur of the gourmet, the handmade and the just plain cool. Look forward to seeing products straight from Milligan’s imagination – a.k.a., some of the most unique knives, tomahawks and mountain toys in the world.

Knife to Watch: The Teton Edge Santoku Knife

The Santoku is a “99 percent of the time” chef’s knife that will really dial in your big, hearty dinners for friends and family. New West replaced this knife’s iconic dimple with a beautiful Teton edge design, which still does the job of separating the food you’re cutting from the blade, so tomatoes, cheese or whatever else doesn’t stick to it. For a full list of 5 items we love from New West, check this out


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