Where Are They Now: The Baker


Kevin Cohane, the baker/pastry genius (cinnamon brioche, anyone?!) behind the Town Square mainstay Persephone, might take the cake (pun intended) for exciting updates this year.

In 2016, he and his wife and business partner Ali opened their second restaurant, Picnic, the “slightly healthier” sister store to Persephone that has become a bustling brunch spot just south of town. This year, they are adding a third location to their growing business. We all lamented the loss of Elevated Grounds, the locals’ favorite West Bank coffee shop, but Kevin assures us that their new location (which will take up residence in the old Elevated Grounds building near the Aspens Market, starting early summer) will retain a few fan favorites, like a nod to the power biscuit combo. Thank goodness… we can’t wait to grab whatever Kevin is baking on the way to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Persephone’s original location usually has a line out the door, so its move into the Coe Cabin (sometime within the next year) will be a welcome change. The new location will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and feature a full service bar. Expect yummy French bistro style items created by a brand new head chef on their dinner menu.

In the meantime, to beat the crowds (even in off season, Persephone and Picnic are buzzing) you can order ahead online with the ChowNow app and pick up your order in the Local’s Line. Sweet potato hash and a cinnamon roll (picked up from the side window, sunglasses still on) might just be the perfect Saturday morning hangover cure.


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