What to Drink Now: Spring Cocktails


In case you haven’t noticed, it really wants to feel like spring outside. As the snow melts and I start discovering all the dog toys that have been lost throughout winter, I start getting excited about the upcoming thaw. Not to ignore the fact that there will be multiple storms that will blanket my backyard, but at least the end is getting closer. As today is officially the first day of spring, there is no reason why our cocktails can’t reflect the changing of the season. Here are five of our favorite spring cocktails that can be enjoyed around town during any conditions.

Orsetto SpritzAperaol Spritz (Orsetto) — A few years ago, I discovered what the Italians have known for years, the spritzer. And nothing says springtime weather better than one. Orsetto does it just right, with prosecco, aperol, soda. That’s it, but it’s oh so good. When deciding on a spring cocktail, it is important to find a drink balanced enough to be sipped in the the sun or enjoyed on a cold evening. As much as I love drinking margaritas in the winter, it isn’t necessarily a seasonally appropriate beverage. This spritzer does the trick. Even better yet, Orsetto has a newly introduced happy hour from 5 to 6 p.m. where you can enjoy this, or one of the many other craft cocktails for deep discounts.


Clayton’s Margarita (Snake River Grill) — Speaking of margaritas, we can’t overlook a Jackson Hole classic. This longtime staple has been a favorite for years and can always be found on The Grill’s cocktail menu. This cocktail is comprised of Patron Silver tequila, Cointreau orange liqueur, fresh lime and lemon, all which blend perfectly for a refreshing drink suited to a surprise sunny day or a random snowstorm.

A classic iteration of the French 75

French 22 (Bin 22) – When you think of Bin 22 your mind usually goes to great appetizers, extensive wine selection, and no corkage fee. However, they do offer a couple locally inspired cocktails that you can find hidden away on their menu board behind the bar that are well worth the search. The French 22 is their take on the traditional French 75 using locally sourced Still Works Gin, prosecco, and lemon juice. The effervescent drink is a great afternoon elixir most appropriately enjoyed during their happy hour. Stay up to date with their off season specials and eventual patio opening via their Facebook page.

Jackson Mule (Handle Bar) – One of the best parts of springtime libations is the ability to enjoy them in the sun. The Handle Bar has had their patio open all winter but it has only been just recently that you can enjoy a beverage outside without the comfort of ski gear and heat lamps. The Jackson Mule borders on a summer time libation with huckleberry, Highwater Vodka, and ginger beer served on the rocks. Paired with their nachos or T.H.B. frickles, it is a perfect springtime refreshment to be enjoyed at the village.

Bird in Hand (The Kitchen) – When making the transition to spring cocktails, most dark liquors are switched out for lighter ones. Tequilla has the benefit of being the chameleon of booze, boasting flavor rich anjeos to crisp blanco varietals. In addition to tequilla, this drink is balanced out with Citroen, lemon honey shrub, and bitters. This is another great happy hour option as the kitchen boasts a 1/2 price cocktail happy hour from 5 to 6 p.m.




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