What to Drink at Rendezvous


If you, like most of Jackson Hole, are planning on attending the concerts at the village this Saturday, you should have some extra cash on hand since they are free this year. We thought we should offer an on-mountain and base area guide to where to spend it on libations.

So, starting from the top of the gondola, here are some suggestions and a timeline for your game plan:

1 p.m. pre-game with the wine of the week at Piste. You don’t want to go too strong, too early. Grab a seat at the bar and a snack, and relax with a special French chardonnay. Take a moment to enjoy the calm before the storm. If it is cold, the menu also offers two adult hot chocolate drinks that sound delicious.

Piste wine of the week

3 p.m. Jello shots at Casper Restaurant. Now it’s time to get the party started. There are two flavors to choose from, and while they taste just like candy, they pack a potent punch. Sharing a round of these with friends is sure to make your ski to the bottom more fun.
Casper restaurant jello shots

4 p.m. St. Patty’s Day sloshies from Nick Wilson’s. Since Saturday is also St. Patrick’s Day, the bartenders at Nick Wilson’s have whipped up some Irish specialties, which also match the green and orange Irish flag. A green mudslide and orange creamsicle will be on tap all weekend. They are packed with booze, but you will never taste it over the creamy ice cream in the shake. The mudslide is just minty enough with an edge of chocolate, too. While you may be tempted to share these, I would suggest getting your own. Yes, it is that good!

shake from nick wilsons

5 p.m. local drinks from The General Store. Since the opening band (Michael Franti and Spearhead) doesn’t start until 5:30 p.m., you will have time to enjoy more of what Jackson Hole has to offer: local beer and booze! Stock up but don’t load up too much as you are not allowed to bring anything into the venue. There will be alcohol for sale inside the gates, as well as food vendors like Pinky G’s and Moe’s.

local beer and booze



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