Without a Doubt, Try Some Trout


Jackson Hole may be the valley of bison burgers and fresh, lean cuts of elk, but there’s a tasty fish swimming in local bodies of water that will help break up your red meat feasts. Dive into the realm of Wyoming’s favorite fish with these trout starters.


Smoked salmon lovers, try a new variety of smoked fish with Palate’s smoked trout appetizer. Palate boasts thoughtful, well-crafted dishes that are as tastefully presented as the Museum of Wildlife Art’s displays. The smoked trout is no different. This dish is served on Pommes Anna with trout eggs, sorrel, and drizzled with caraway cream.

SRB trout cakesSnake River Brewing has reinvented the classic crab cake, and is instead bringing you smoked trout cakes. The applewood smoked trout cakes are topped with pickled fennel and onion relish, as well as a chunky tomatillo and avocado salsa. The textures of this dish are spot on. Each of the three trout cakes has just a touch of crunch to the outside of the soft trout meat. The pickled relish adds some nice acidity to the starter. 


The Kitchen boasts an impressive range of seafood in a landlocked valley. Their sophisticated menu presents halibut, scallops, octopus, shrimp, and other underwater species with fresh, bold flavors. The Steelhead trout crudo combines salmon roe, jalapeno, yuzo, and shiso salt.

With Greens

In the valley, there are two trout salads vying for our attention. Over at The Handle Bar, in the Four Seasons, Michael Mina has added to the dinner menu an herb trout salad. Here, the mizuna snipped herbs are topped with smoked trout, bacon, egg, and croutons. Meanwhile, over at Local Restaurant and Bar, they’re serving up a salad that complements house-smoked Idaho rainbow trout with French green beans, watercress, fingerling potatoes, olives, country ham, crispy shallots, and a whole grain mustard vinaigrette. This hearty version of a salad is full of flavor and filling enough to get you through your next adventure.

Go ahead, dive into the various flavors of trout with the array of available trout dishes in the Tetons.



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