Top 5 Non-Pizza Items at Pizzeria Caldera


Although the word ‘pizzeria’ tends to denote a specific kind of menu item, we expanded our pizzeria palate on a recent trip to Pizzeria Caldera to include all non-pie options. Whether it’s sides, pastas, paninis or dessert, Pizzeria Caldera is delivering great food on every plate and bowl in house. Although Pizzeria Caldera is here to curb your pizza cravings, we encourage you to expand your mind, as we did, and remember Pizzeria Caldera when you’re looking for all things Italian.pizzeria caldera #1 Appetizer

When it comes to an Italian themed dinner, things can get pretty heavy on the carbohydrates. Think: bread, pasta, crust, etc. In other words, all things warm, comforting, and delicious. However, our favorite app. happens to be gluten-free: the stuffed mushrooms. Stuffed with sausage, herbs, parmesan and paprika aioli, these puppies are a solid long time favorite. A close second would be the Burrata, on 460 rustic bread and drizzled with Wonderful Wyoming honey, olive oil, hazelnuts and lemon.pizzeria caldera burrata

#2 Insalata

When it comes to greens, the Mista salad highlights Caldera’s strength in highlighting ingredients through simple, tasteful dish composition. This Italian-style salad combines mixed greens, sunflower seeds, shaved carrot and a house made Wyoming honey apple cider vinaigrette. The sweetness of the local honey balances the bright acidity of the apple cider vinegar. This dish enhances the natural flavors of all the ingredients. Simple and tasty.pizzeria caldera salad

#3 Paninis

It’s pick your poison when it comes to Pizzeria Caldera’s paninis: tuna, meatballs or chicken. These between bread creations come with a salad. Personally, we’re partial to the chicken berry, which has chicken breast, basil pesto, cranberry and provolone. The ooey-gooey provolone is bold enough to hold up to the competing flavors of pesto and tart cranberry. Rich and comforting, you’ll get something different out of every bite.pizzeria caldera panini

#4 Pasta

When it comes to pasta, Pizzeria Caldera covers the spectrum: from basil tomato marinara with or without meatballs to baked ziti in rosa sauce. The baked ziti is our pick, as the crema rosa sauce is rich and delicious, having a béchamel base with a tomato combo. Served over penne pasta, we add the house made sausage, as if this dish needs the added heartiness. If these aren’t up your alley, look for the pasta specials, as Pizzeria Caldera runs everything from pesto to clam sauce over its noodles.pizzeria caldera

#5 Dessert

The newest dessert on the menu at Pizzeria Caldera is also our favorite dessert on the menu. It’s a warm molasses cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, fresh lemon zest and a candied lemon. Like many Caldera dishes, it’s a thoughtful medley of flavors that brightens and enhances each individual ingredient.

All Caldera customers can expect these dishes to be simple and delicious. Pizzeria Caldera has so much more to offer than their fantastic pizza. We expanded our expectations and left fully satisfied. Try any of these five dishes, and so will you!


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