There’s A New Pan In Town


The Grand Pan is taking Jackson by storm. Started by two local artists, the Grand Pan is the new kitchen staple that you didn’t know you needed before. It is great on the stove, over the fire, or even camping this summer. David Dahlin and Bland Hoke are the artists who started making these pans. Each one is filled with history and different from one another in color, shape and style.


How the disks look in the beginning

Dahlin and Hoke have traveled around the Midwest looking for great tilling disks that they can turn into the Grand Pan. The disks come from farmers who have used them on their tilling tractors, from farm equipment auctions or from John Deere companies. There are only a few places in the world that make tilling disks, and on each disk, and now pan, you can track where it was originally made.

After Dahlin and Hoke bring the disks back to Jackson they start the process of making the pan. They start by cleaning the pan and sanding and grinding it down until it is smooth and the edges are no longer sharp. After some welding, filling in a center hole and adding the handles, the pans are put in the oven to bake. The handles come in two different styles: either horseshoes from a local farrier or smooth metal half circles. Each pan is uniquely different in color ranging from purples and blues to golds and silvers depending on how it reacts to the heat.


Each disk is sanded at length to make sure the disk is smooth and to show the unique colors.

Interested in purchasing a Grand Pan? You can purchase the pans at New West KnifeWorks, Aspens Market, Pearl Street Market, Vertical Harvest, and through the Grand Pan website. Treat a Grand Pan as you would a cast iron when it comes to seasoning and cleaning, and like a cast iron this pan gets better with use. The Grand Pan’s heat is mostly centered around the middle, with it taking time to heat up the outer rim. It is not as deep as a wok and can be used as a platter as well.


The Grand Pan is the definition of farm to table, and as the website states it is “kick ass cookware hand crafted in Jackson Hole for the outdoor enthusiast.”


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