The Secret Server — Start Believing


Start believing in SANTA!!!

I am the happiest panda in the valley right now.  At this time every year, I literally feel like a kid on Christmas. And it’s not because Santa came in the form of a sweet box filled with stuff my mom bought for me at T.J. Maxx. But what I am really excited for is the train of rich people that have been coming to Jackson Hole.

Make rent in a day….check.

Make it rain in your room after your shift….check (thankfully there are not gentlemen’s clubs in Jackson).

Check and check!

Until Christmas, we, the humble servers of the realm, had been scraping by on sporadic shifts and unemployment insurance. And we all know the worst lull of the year is the time between when “2 for 1” deals end and Christmas week. But now it is GO TIME! SANTA and his rich friends from Chicago stopped in for a visit!  We wined them and dined them.


Can you call me spoiled? Sure. But you also have to call me a realist. Did I cash in all my chips by going big on Christmas gifts on my credit card and taking two months off of work in hopes of a big holiday rush? OH YEAH.

Early in the season, between training, food tasting and catching up on the latest Jackson gossip, I felt like that annoying little kid who wakes up way too early to open gifts. And now all my financial prayers have been answered.

So my fellow over-anxious children, it’s payday! Start collecting!

I know it’s past Christmas, and you may or may not believe in Santa. But, if you believe in giving, believe in the jolly white dude who signed that bill. And let’s hope Christmas keeps coming.

             Your Humble Server.



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