The Saucy Gentleman in the Cherry Style



I want to be the Don Cherry of food writing.

In case you are unfamiliar with Don Cherry, he is an NHL defenseman, turned coach, turned commentator. Cherry co-hosts Coaches Corner for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and it is there where he shares his rock’em-sock’em views with the hockey world.

Cherry doesn’t pull punches. He likes gritty, hard hitting hockey and underdogs that get to the top by observing the unwritten code of the ice. He takes hard line positions on the importance of fighting and decries the National Hockey League’s new rules that take the toughness out of the game.

He stands up for soldiers and supports the kids, but perhaps is most recognized for his fearless style. Cherry’s high-collared shirts, wild ties and colorful suits set him apart from all but a few NFL commentators from the late 90’s and none have lasted as long as he.

So how will I write about food?

First and foremost, boldly. I admire well executed classics: a good prime rib, a true Caesar salad. I like healthy portions and believe flavor is more important than presentation. I have the same level of respect for snobby waiters as I do for weak cocktails. But, most importantly, I will dress the part. I’m not sure why Don Cherry has such sweet taste in suits. I am also not sure why he is motivated to wear them, but I can speculate. I suspect he thinks he looks awesome, but I also imagine that in an old fashioned way, Don Cherry believes the suits are a show of respect, that dressing to the nines is important if you’re taking what you do seriously.

I believe my every word when it comes to food. This is not to say that I don’t realize that food is subjective, but for me, I’m God and my opinion is final. You can take it or leave it, but I’m not backing down. Wearing my finest evening wear out not only identifies me as classy food columnist, but also shows the proper respect to an establishment of fine dining.

So be advised, The Saucy Gentleman is on the scene and if you happen to see me in a crushed blue velvet tuxedo jacket and cowboy boots, I’m probably on the beat. Please send all requests and invitations to PO Box 2279, Jackson, WY 83001.



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A Jackson native, Miller remembers when the West was still wild and you couldn't eat sushi in Jackson. The remote nature of his western home inspired him to explore the world and its many ways. Times have changed and the world has come to Jackson, but Miller has not stopped exploring. The Sophisticated Man Menu is the account of a Jackson 30-something in his quest for gourmet adventure.

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