The Phoenix and the Dragon to Open Downtown


Less than one year ago, we were introducing followers to the Phoenix and the Dragon, a pop-up noodle counter at Jackson Whole Grocer. Since then, like yin and yang, husband and wife duo Eric and Zarina Sakai have been balancing fresh, harmonious, Asian-inspired flavors. Now, we are excited to help them announce a brick and mortar location opening this month on Glenwood Street, close to Town Square.phoenix and the dragon

This new space will continue to turn out steaming bowls of house favorites like the pork ramen and pan-fried noodles, while introducing a variety of new dishes, drinks and ways to get your Phoenix and the Dragon fix.

New space

“We love the character of the old building that we have moved into. The space really resonated with us. We’re keeping it casual and adding a little Aloha to it. We hope to give our community a place they can hang out and meet friends and family, go on a date night or pop in for a quick bite and take-out.”

The Phoenix and the Dragon has been amidst the process of renovating the space at 145 N. Glenwood Street, across from Hotel Jackson. They’ve designed a fun, charming dining space while retaining some of the older features that originally drew their attention. With some sanding and cleaning, the moldings and tin ceiling have remained in a space that is now bright and airy. This new location has allowed Phoenix and the Dragon to not only expand their menu, but also start offering call-in orders and private catering capabilities.phoenix and the dragon

New drinks

Simultaneously, Zarina, a certified wine professional and certified specialist of wine, has been crafting a brand new beverage program. Think natural wines, local beers and craft cocktails, as well as drinks that are gluten-free, dairy-free and free of cane sugar. A selection of unique Asian distilled spirits, like Japanese whiskey and Baiju (a Chinese spirit made from sorghum) round out the alcoholic options. For the zero-poof crowd, warm up on winter’s coldest days with an incredible tea program featuring teas from San Francisco’s Red Blossom Tea Company.

New food

Eric is from Hawaii, so he took this opportunity to add some food items that pay homage to that cultural heritage. Look for his spin on a poke bowl, which incorporates Hawaiian tuna and a secret sauce. Similarly, Zarina is bringing to the menu some of her favorite Filipino flavors from her childhood. You’ll find lumpia, a Filipino spring roll, as well as inasal, a roasted lemongrass and archiote chicken with garlic fried rice. Look forward to small plates, healthy salads and comforting noodle soups that continue to bring flavor to dishes that are often gluten-free, vegan and/or dairy-free. At the Phoenix and the Dragon, a dietary restriction is never a restriction to flavor.

Same harmonyphoenix and the dragon

Eric and Zarina are a culinary force with a wealth of experience and success under their belts. They are both continually passionate about bringing themselves to their food. From floor to ceiling, there is a reflection of the Sakais in every detail at the new Phoenix and the Dragon. Look for it to open in the coming weeks, and get your noodle fix at the Jackson Whole Grocer in the meantime.


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