Taste and Tour Local Producers


Immerse yourself in the tastes of Teton Valley producers by taking part in one of the numerous food and drink tastings and tours around town. snake river brew tour

Snake River Brewery

Snake River Brewing Company offers both guided and self-guided tours of their craft brewing process. Guided tours take place at 2:30 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, with up to eight spots available. They recommend groups call ahead to ensure space is available on the next tour. Tours may also be arranged for groups at alternative times. Otherwise, the brewery has a self-guided brochure and plaques placed around the building to guide guests through the brewing process. Call the brewery at 307-739-BEER to check on tour availability.

Jackson Hole Still Works

Local distillery Jackson Hole Still Works is a great stop to meet with the producers and find out more about their specialty gin and vodka. Not only can you purchase the spirits on site, they offer tastings as well. While you are there, ask if they have any upcoming bottling parties, where they often look for volunteers. And, if you ask nicely, the owners are happy to share some of their favorite cocktail recipes to go along with your to-go goodies.

Jackson Hole Winery

Indulge in Jackson Hole Winery’s wines at their beautiful location by taking part in one of their tastings. They offer two tastings: a general tasting for $15 per person, and reserve tasting for $20 per person. Tastings must be scheduled to accommodate JH Winery’s small staff. Call 307-201-1057 to request a tasting appointment. Tasting room hours are 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Evening appointments can be made upon special request.  taste jh winery

Dornan’s Wine Tasting on a Budget

The first Sunday of every month, Dornan’s is allowing you to taste their premium selection of red and white wines. Tastings are held outside, weather permitting, with Dornan’s signature Teton views. These tastings are just $10 per person.

Gather Tuesday Tastings

The public is invited to taste Gather’s weekly specials at noon every Tuesday. Tastings are alongside the owner, manager, and chef. Guests have the opportunity to rate dishes on presentation, taste and creativity. The chef will present each dish, with an overview of the ingredients. Based on the suggestions and criticism of Tuesday Tasting guests, the chef and his team will perfect the dishes prior to their menu unveiling on Tuesday evenings. Tuesday Tastings are $20 per person, and video taped. Call 307-264-1820 to book your spot. Seating is limited.

Vertical Harvest Tours

Curious about the goings on at Vertical Harvest? You can tour the greenhouse, and learn all about hydroponics and the inner workings of growing carousels. Each tour takes 35 to 45 minutes. Tours take place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. While they are free of charge, a donation of $5-$10 is suggested.

Jackson Hole Gallery Association Art Walk

On the third Thursday of every month, Jackson Hole Gallery Association hosts the Art Walk. From 5 to 8 p.m., this event features a variety of downtown galleries serving up wine, snacks, and art shows.


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