So Sweet That I Didn’t Have to Make it!


I can whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough in three minutes flat. I once spent three months – and singed substantial amounts of eyebrow hair – perfecting a chocolate bacon Jack Daniels cake. I love baking.

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood though. I’m never not in the mood for sweets however.

One of my favorite go-to, takeout desserts is Jill’s chocolate mocha cake from Pearl Street Market.

So what do I do when I’ve got a sweet craving but no desire to bake? Pearl Street Market is usually my first stop. Jill’s chocolate mocha cake is $4.99 a slice, but each slice easily weighs half a pound. I used to love Jill’s carrot cake – and I have no idea who Jill is other than a kick-ass baker – but then I took a bite of her mocha cake. I immediately pledged my eternal devotion to it.

The cake part of the mocha cake has a bit of a brownie consistency. It’s not quite as dense as a brownie, but denser than any other cake I’ve ever had. And the icing. Oh, the icing. I like the cake, but it’s the icing that makes it. And Jill doesn’t skimp on hers. I’d like to see how Jill applies it. I’m imagining it has to be with a very substantial spatula. The icing is Thick. Notice that capital “T.” Once on the cake, it sets and I doubt not even hurricane force winds could move it..

When I’m feeling fancy – and looking for something I’d never be capable of baking even on my best day – I head for Oscar Ortega’s CocoLove. I very rarely get merely a bon bon though. His tarts, crème brulees, and, well, I’m really not sure what most anything else is called it’s so fancy. I just call it almost too beautiful to eat. Somehow I always manage to though.


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