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Do you secretly fear the holidays? You want to be healthy, spend quality time with your family and look good in that cocktail dress, but…

You secretly fear being that lady rushing through the drive-through with screaming kids in the backseat — feeling guilty, unhealthy and overwhelmed. And then taking it out on the appetizer table at the party that night. If this sounds familiar, the following are a few tips to avoid being that lady.

Read below for the top three tips to survive this holiday season. And if you want more information, enroll in Surviving and Thriving Through the Holidays. This four week, online, health coaching program is designed for busy moms and will teach you:

How to eat what you want AND not gain weight.
How to be hydrated AND enjoy a Christmas cocktail.
How to indulge your sweet tooth AND not feel guilty.
How to be social AND stay on track.
How to make time for movement AND your entire to-do list.

Early bird pricing is available until Nov 15. Use discount code DISHINGJH for an additional $10 off early bird pricing. And now, my top three tips for staying healthy through the holidays. The program is built to empower and support you to survive the holidays with grace. Learn how to cope with stress, navigate social functions and maintain balance with movement, food and family.

And now, my top three tips for staying healthy through the holidays.

Lower your expectations
How much can one person really physically and mentally accomplish in a day? Not much, actually, at least not without creating an incredible amount of stress and anxiety. Instead of making an ongoing to-do list, mark three specific and achievable goals for each day. For example: 1. Make a big batch of soup to eat for lunches 2. Wrap five presents 3. Do the dishes.

Plan ahead- for everything.
Because even when you do, your day will still feel packed. Without planning, you risk losing the established routines that keep you healthy and balanced. Get a good calendar and plan your day, including exercise, cooking healthy meals, parties, when to hide that friggin’ Elf on a Shelf, etc., and quality time with your family.

Embrace the chaos- Change your mindset.
The four weeks wedged between Thanksgiving and Christmas are chaotic, stressful, sugar-filled, but also filled with love, joy, friends and family. Step back and give yourself credit for achieving small victories each day. Did you get in a 20- minute walk at your lunch break? Awesome. Did you completely forget to make cookies for little Jane’s party? Oh well. Go buy some. The Holidays can be what you want them to be if you choose to see them through a different pair of glasses.

Stacy Fisher is a Certified Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute and owner of Fisher Fitness in Wilson.






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