Surprise Dining Spot


Hungry on the drive to Pinedale? You’re in luck.

Who would have thought delicious burritos and cookies would be hiding inside the Daniel Junction Foodmart? I didn’t even know there was a kitchen and deli case amongst all the camo and camping gear in there. But there is, and it’s churning out some pretty tasty stuff.

Wandering into the foodmart in search only of a bathroom, the selection of burritos – easily upward of six different kinds – actually made me forgot my overfull bladder. For a short time. Unable to quickly decide between a burrito stuffed with chicken and green chili or tri-tip and beans, I went to do my business and returned to the deli case able to take my time in my burrito selection.

I eventually went with the chicken/green chili.

The foodmart was all ready to heat it up for me, but I’m not the biggest fan of microwaves.  I showed an amazing amount of restraint the entire drive back to Jackson, keeping the burrito safe in the pocket of a jacket. As soon as I walked in my front door though, I got it heating up on my stovetop.

It actually wasn’t that difficult to show restraint. The Daniel Junction Foodmart doesn’t just do burritos, but also cookies. The world’s best cookies. These cookies are baked exactly the way I like mine baked, which is not that much. The insides of them were still raw. The peanut butter cookie was gone well before we passed Pape Ranches. The white chocolate macadamia nut lasted until Bondurant. Because these cookies are rather big and I was not supposed to be eating sugar, I didn’t get the oatmeal raisin. I’ll be back for that one sure though. And also to try the tri tip burrito.

The stovetop having finally melted the cheese in the center of the chicken burrito, I dug in. It wasn’t as spicy as other green chili burritos I’ve had, but the chicken wasn’t rubbery, the cheese wasn’t plastic, and, heck, what else is there tasty to eat in the vicinity of Daniel? And where else can you shop for fishing lures, camo, and burritos all at the same time?


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