Summertime Cocktails: Take Two


I am not going to lie. I am getting pretty sick of hearing about how summer is “almost over!!!?!” It seems like no matter where I am, it comes up almost as frequently as the possibility of snow in the forecast during the winter. I am 95 percent sure that I shouldn’t panic quite yet, but there still a small part of me that worries that people might be right. I have always had such fond memories of Septemeber, but maybe that is only because Angry August is over and two for ones are right around the corner. Either way, I was officially in “must take in every summertime activity mode” last week and decided I had to go do more summertime cocktail reporting. The criteria is simple: seasonal drinks in a seasonal setting, also known as a patio or deck. The drinks part worked out, but the weather was only halfway cooperating, since it is the official end of summer limbo time I had to go for it.

Tokyo Sour at King Sushi

Tokyo Sour at King Sushi

First place on the list was the newly opened King Sushi. After so many mornings wishing the old Shades Cafe would get a liquor license so I could have a cocktail outside, my wishes were finally granted when King Sushi opened last week. The night I went was only their second night, but you never would have been able to tell. I started off with a Tokyo Sour, which was a mix of Makers Mark and Yuzu. It went down really easy and paired excellent with their sushi, which definitely hit the mark. I enjoyed some fresh oysters, a spider roll, spicy tuna roll and spot prawn nigiri, all of which were artfully presented and extremely fresh. I could have stayed longer, but their happy hour was nearing the end (4:30 to 6 p.m.) and I had to make it to a couple more spots before it started raining on my patio drinking parade.

Cocchi Float and Old Fashioned at the Kitchen

Cocchi Float and Old Fashioned at The Kitchen

Speaking of happy hours, The Kitchen has to have one of the best around. From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. you can indulge in a long list of 1/2 price cocktails and fill your belly with $5 bites. Their large inviting deck would have been great on a sunny afternoon, unfortunately it wasn’t at the time. We sat at the bar and enjoyed a Cocchi Float, which was delicious and extremely refreshing with our Dynamite shrimp lettuce wraps, kumquat salad and salmon sashimi. By the time we had our fill, the clouds broke and it was time for stop number three.

It was a short bike ride to Nani’s, and with the sun finally out I started to remember that it was still too early to panic, summertime and this article will still be relevant for the next month and a half. Nani’s has two killer outside seating areas, both perfect for enjoying a cocktail and dinner. As I glanced at the beer and wine list, I was suddenly jolted off course. As we started with an antipasto plate, the wine list grabbed my attention. It seemed like the only logical thing to do while enjoying what turned out to be a beautiful sunset.

One of Nani's two awesome patios

One of Nani’s two awesome patios

It is always hard to think about the end of summer in mid August. All those great winter activities that keep us in this great place seem very far away and somewhat unappealing. The thought of waxing my skis right now makes me want to curl up in a little ball. The reality is that at some point, summer will indeed be over. All the better to find a patio and drink up.



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