Summer Sloshie Update


Summertime is upon us, and Jackson Hole is once again crazed by the ever-popular alcoholic sloshie phenomenon.

Here, a full list of where to get your fix:

To the North

Dornan’s (at the Chuckwagon): Rotating flavors include the Greyhound made with fresh grapefruit juice, margarita, Teton lemonade, and Moscow Moose (yes, they went there!). Also keep an eye out for tropical rum punch and John Daly (an Arnold Palmer iced tea lemonade with vodka).

Creekside Market: Creekside has two machines, one always serving the Greyhound with freshly squeezed grapefruits, and the other rotating between inventive flavors like watermelon mint margarita, berry margarita and orange creamsicle.

To the South

Jackson Whole Grocer: New to the game this season is the Jackson Whole Grocer with their all-natural sloshies. They will rotate flavors to try out new fresh ingredients. Some of the most popular include the peach margarita and vodka lemonade with prickly pear.

JH Marketplace: JH Marketplace is a great place to stop to consistently find your favorite flavors. With eight machines, you can always find watermelon lime vodka, margarita, strawberry margarita, mango margarita, Moscow mule, mudslide,  and John Daly. Rotating flavors include a special cocktail using Jackson Hole Still Works liquor. Right now it’s limesicle with Highwater vodka, and next week it will change to passion fruit guava with Highwater vodka.

Hoback Market: With a whopping 14 machines churning 13 flavors all summer, Hoback Market wins the prize for the most variety. Two machines are always devoted to their famous high rev coffee mudslide, which has been compared to an alcohol-infused version of a frosty from Wendy’s, with a serious jolt of caffeine! Hoback also added a mai thai to the list this year.

To the East (in Town)

The Rose: New to the sloshie game this summer is The Rose, now making frozen cocktails from their signature craft cocktail recipes and fresh juices and syrups made in house. With the most innovative cocktails in town, The Rose is sure to bring a serious touch of sophistication to the classic sloshie. Look out for the Sin City (tequila, grapefruit, cinnamon, lime), Shark Bait (gin, pineapple, lime) and Irish coffee (Jameson, iced coffee, Bailey’s and cream).

Moe’s: Both perfect complements to their excellent barbecue, the two most popular flavors at Moe’s are the rich and creamy bushwacker and the light and citrusy gin and juice. The bushwacker includes rum, Kahlua, coconut cream, milk and a floater of 151 – delicious and deadly.  

The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole : With five machines rotating once or twice a week, TLS serves up some of the most creative sloshies in town using high quality liquor and mix. Look out for the frosé (Bota Box rosé, strawberry, peach), mudslide (ice cream, Baileys, Kahlua, New Amsterdam vodka), and the Changes in Latitude (wildberry, pina colada, Captain Morgan).

Cutty’s: With three machines rotating all summer, Cutty’s is a great place to stop for a sloshie to go with their famous Philly Cheesesteaks and pizza. Keep an eye out for pina colada, very berry, and mango lemonade.

Sloshie from Bodega to cool you down?

To the West (Village):

Bodega: Cleverly, Bodega has a frequent buyer card that gives you a free sloshie when you reach 10 stamps. With four machines changing flavors constantly, Bodega makes it easy to get those stamps. Current flavors include the greyhound, lemonade with whiskey and a kick of ginger, purple drank (vodka, ginger ale and grape juice), and gin and juice.

Mangy Moose: Starting this past weekend, the Moose’s summer sloshie operation is up and running. The two permanent flavors are the huckleberry mule (huckleberry syrup, ginger beer, lime, vodka) and frosé (frozen rosé with strawberry). The third flavor will rotate between flavors like peach lemonade and margarita.

Rendezvous Lodge: Rendezvous Lodge at the top of the gondola, the perfect spot for a refreshing drink with a view, will start serving sloshies this summer at The Deck at Piste.  Flavors include the Last Word (gin, green chartreuse, luxardo, citrus), frosé (rosé, citrus), and French 75 (gin, citrus, champagne).

Get your sloshie stroll on this summer, but please always remember, no matter what the occasion or adventure always drink your sloshie responsibly and never in the car. Be sure to learn the local laws before you head out on the town, in the county or up in the parks.


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Rosie Hansen has lived in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York City and is thrilled to now be in Jackson Hole - a small town with a big food scene. Growing up, Rosie didn’t have one cook in the house, so she quickly learned the value of an excellent restaurant meal. Now in her twenties, she knows how to debone a trout and isn’t afraid to butcher a whole butternut squash. Rosie’s favorite food memories are from her travels... the freshest green papaya salad in Thailand, decadent burrata ravioli in Florence, crispy street food falafel in Paris, and the perfect slice of toro sashimi in Tokyo.

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