Summer is Coming


I can finally say I am a local now. It has been five years since I moved to the valley, and I even tried to leave for the other side of the world only to learn that Jackson is home. But after many off-seasons, and travels abroad, returning home never felt so good. Usually this time of year I can squeeze in a few more ski runs, and mope about the grey weather. But not this year. Maybe it is global warming, or maybe it is a sign from the gods that we humble hospitality servants are about to slay it this summer.

To me there are a few indicators that let me know when the full tsunami of tourists are coming quicker then expected. It is almost like watching the water recede.

1)   Sundresses: Way back when I was studying to possibly be a professional, I would always make sure I camped out on the lawn on campus at the cusp of spring. For my friends and I, there was a competition. Which lovely coed would be the first to wear a sundress? With the first sundress appearance came the coming of spring. It was like Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow.

2)   Buses: Usually these massive coaches contain grandma and grandpa and people from the far East. They are never here more then a day or two. My only concern is where are they going to eat since Teton Steakhouse closed.

3)   Different Folks for Different Strokes: We all know the winter crowd is different from the summer crowd. People don’t ski in high white ankle socks and velcro shoes. Don’t forget about the sweet cargo shorts. (I used to wear cargo shorts, I can’t hate too much)

4)   Occupancy of the Virginian RV lot. Easily the biggest indicator ever. I went to the library the other day, and noticed the lot is almost full. May God have mercy on our road-biking souls! Seriously be careful kids. There is nothing like a gaping-gaper on 22 behind a 3,000 pound RV crawling up your butt when he “has never see the Tetons before.”

But lets talk about the good news….

After a few weeks in Moab (like everyone else) and a quick stint in our nation’s capital, I almost didn’t want to leave.  I got my fill of vitamin D, Chinese food, playoff hockey and the opposite sex.

Life was good, but if this summer is anything like what I witnessed recently at a new restaurant grand opening, then HALLALUJAH! Sure it was mostly locals and a copious amount of beautiful people and awesome beer, but I feel strongly that the tempo of the summer has been set. With the early arrival of summer comes the early arrival of the summer crowd. So Jackson, dust off your big boy pants and lets get to work. There will be plenty of time to cruise around String Lake and get silly.


Your friend and Bus Boy!

PS. Old Crow Medicine Show July 4th at Snow King!?!?!


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