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School’s in session, and we’ve gotten the first tastes of the coming seasons with colder temperatures and snow. As our activities move indoors, we’re looking for the best places to break out the computer or a good book. The Teton County Library boasts a strong internet connection and a quiet space, but now we’re looking for some alternatives with a little more ambiance, some white noise, and lots of coffee.


South of Town

Picnic’s bustling space boasts a variety of seating options, an adorable aesthetic, and an exquisite pastry display. Grab yourself a homemade pop tart and sidle up on a stool at the bar lining the front windows. Or, get cozy on one of the low couches sitting beneath a dynamic piece of wall art. The space is big and bright, regardless of the season. Be careful, you may just come for coffee and end up staying at your computer through the lunch menu.


The Organic Lotus’s modern new space on Cache Street will have you getting studious at the shiny bar countertop or in a faux hide booth upstairs. Don’t be surprised if you feel transported to a hip city bar far outside the Rocky Mountains. Their large selection of smoothies keeps me coming back to get my writing done. Fuel for the mind and belly, I like to add a shot of espresso to my Rendezvous smoothie with almond milk. lotus

Close to Lotus’s back door, on Center Street, is E.Leaven Food Co. Their efficient counter service, affordable and fresh menu items, and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting will have you coming back for days. Grab your table number and settle in at one of the dark, rectangular tables along the windows or tucked back around the corner by the deck. The value for E.Leaven’s food items is unbeatable, with a whole plate of eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and toast for just $7.45. During the lunch hour, their refreshing salads and flavorful dressings will have you cleaning your plate.  

West Bank

Pearl Street Bagel’s Wilson location has a similar amount of space to their Pearl Street location, but is a touch less crowded. If the sun peaks out on these fall days, step outside and bask along the creek at one of their picnic tables in the grassy backyard. On a warm day, I’ll have a fruit and yogurt parfait and Wild Tribe computer side. When there’s a chill in the air, I indulge in an everything bagel with herb cream cheese and a hot espresso beverage.

Teton Village

If you find yourself at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with some computer work to knock out, head over to Spur. The ambient lighting warms the restaurant space throughout the day. When you really need to hone in on your work, the subtle darkness will help you focus and push out the world outside. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s hard to not let a day slip by when you’re at the Spur. Pair your mid-morning coffee with the challah French toast. Topped with huckleberry compote, whipped ricotta, and maple syrup, the sugar rush will carry you through your work. spur


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Raised in the land of casseroles and deep fried cheese curds, Sam Simma left rural Wisconsin for the mountains of Wyoming in summer 2012. Her appetite for adventure is the only thing that rivals her passion for food. She has always used writing to document and critique her travel and dining experiences. Her warmest memories among family and friends have been associated with the food that was at the center of the occasion. From staging cooking shows with siblings to perfecting turtle brownies with her dad, today Sam enjoys connecting people over food by hosting cookie decorating parties, wine pairing nights, and Midwest-inspired potlucks. A dessert fanatic, she has come to impress friends and family with key lime pies, Oreo bon bons, and Snickers ice cream cakes that are far simpler than they could ever imagine. Shhh! Don’t tell.

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