Stocking Your Kitchen for Success


We’re about a week into 2019, and it’s time to check in: how are those healthy resolutions going? The best way to set yourself up for success in your food-related goals is to surround yourself with positive pantry choices. We talked with Ashley Watson, owner of Mountains of Groceries, to find out what she’s consciously shopping for to stock her client’s shelves in the new year.mountains of groceries

Good for you

  1. Substitute vegetables for grains: easily make meals healthier by opting for vegetable substitutes in place of noodles and grains. Zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice and cauliflower pizza crusts are becoming more readily available in local grocery stores.
  2. Fermented drinks: kombucha has become wildly popular. Not only is it really good for your health – a “super drink” if you will – but it’s also a great alternative for alcohol. When you’re craving something with bubbles, replace your cocktail with a kombucha or sparkling water with lemon.
  3. Eat yogurt: these days, Watson says there are all matter of yogurt varieties on store shelves. Whether it’s a soy, almond or dairy variety, the probiotics in yogurt are great for gut health. The Noosa brand out of Colorado is a Mountains of Groceries favorite.
  4. Whole milk products: when selecting your dairy products, pick the whole milk or two percent varieties. Whole products are more ideal than those that have the natural fats stripped out.
  5. Dark chocolate: add some squares of quality dark chocolate to your routine. Some say that a square or two every night has similar heart benefits to a glass of wine.
  6. Super foods: pick produce that is known to be packed with vitamins and nutrients. Think blueberries, Brussels sprouts, avocados and kale. They’ll all deliver more benefits than your average iceberg lettuce.mountains of groceries

Good for the planet

  1. Environmentally-friendly packaging: look for food that is packaged in biodegradable materials. Don’t pick the eggs in the Styrofoam cartons. Get away from plastics as much as possible because we really don’t know the full effects of plastics leeching into food products.
  2. Go meat-free for a day (or two): try incorporating a day without meat once or twice a week. This is good for you and the environment because of the carbon footprint of the meat industry.
  3. Opt for organic: by no means a new trend, be conscious in your shopping decisions. For a few cents more you can rest easy knowing that you selected a product that came from a plant or animal that was treated better.
  4. Support local products: the valley is full of talented food purveyors. These products didn’t have to travel by plane, train or automobile to get here. Whenever possible, support local food producers.

Of course, if you’d like someone else to do the shopping, call Mountains of Groceries at 307-699-4901.

“Food is a very personal item. It’s a piece of home while you’re traveling, especially with children. Food can be an anchor to bring you back to what you know and what’s comfortable.” ~Ashley Watson, Mountains of Groceries



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