Steals and Deals – Waste Not, Want Not


This week’s steal is cheap (or free) day-old bagels at Pearl Street Bagels.

Like many of my Jackson friends, I like to consider myself thrifty.  I absolutely hate the idea of anything going to waste.  Herein lies the theme of my new column Steals & Deals.

To inaugurate my first post I checked in with Pearl Street Bagels to find out the scoop on their day-old bagels.  We’ve all seen that big basket of bagels in the window, between the counter and the kitchen at PSB but if you look closer there is a serious steal to be had.

Those day-olds are packaged up into half-dozen bags at the end of each day so that not a single bagel has to be tossed away.  The daily fresh out of the oven half dozen will set you back $4.50 but the day-old bagels are only $2.25.  You can even ask them to break into a bag for you and buy only 1 bagel at $.50 instead of $1.

My favorite part of PSB’s day-old system is that after 5 p.m. the bags that didn’t sell get put out front for FREE!  So those of you who have nothing but contempt for PSB’s “no-toasting bagels” policy can finally cut them some slack and pick up a bag of day-old bagels for free and toast them for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Personally, I’ll take a fresh out of the oven bagel any day of the week regardless of the savings but if you’re about to embark on a big day activity and need snacks for refueling later in the day, many hours after your fresh out of the oven bagel would’ve cooled anyway, why not save some dough and buy a few day-old’s?

*I make no promises that you’ll ever score the overwhelmingly popular everything bagel in day-old bags but if you do…BONUS!

In this column I aim to fill you in on great deals around town and I would love input!  Any suggestions or tips for Steals & Deals you’d like me to investigate further please email me at so I can stay informed and you can too!


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Jamie is now in her sixth year of what was intended to be a one-year experiment in dramatic lifestyle change from her fast-paced urban New York City to the more laid back rustic Jackson Hole. No question, hiking in the Tetons and tubing the Snake River beats riding the sweltering NYC subway hands down. Plus, her off-season schedule gives her the freedom to indulge her passion for adventure travel and photography…and seeking out exotic, spicy cuisine around the globe. Jamie’s involvement in the food industry began in her high school days when she worked at a popular local bagel shop and it continues with her recent server’s position at the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse. When she’s not working, you’ll find her at one of the many great Jackson Hole restaurants seeking out spicy cuisine and planning her next trip abroad.

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