Check In to Check Out Local Foursquare Deals


Sometimes I might think I am the “mayor” of my house, though my husband might say that statement is questionable.

But I’ve got nothing on my friend, Dina Mishev, who is currently the mayor of 10 spots around Jackson. Watch out Mark Barron: Dina is taking over town.

Don’t worry too much, it’s just on Foursquare, but still. Nobody else checks in more often at Grand Teton National Park, the Teton County Library and The Jackson Whole Grocer, among other places.

This social networking website/app lets you share where you are with friends by “checking in” at hotspots. In cities, it’s a huge fad, and it comes with many benefits.

Whether a free drink or appetizer, restaurants will trade you for sharing your location with others every time you check in. Do it enough, like Dina, and you become the mayor. In addition to the notoriety, this privilege can get you a number of benefits, including free food.

Though Dina uses it often and has gotten many benefits in past trips to cities such as San Francisco, she has yet to reap the benefits in Jackson.

“I like the gaming aspect of it,” she said. “I would encourage more people to do it because the more people participating in Jackson, the better the specials will get.”

So, I thought it was time to get the check-ins rolling here and give Dina a run for her money. Here are some of the local benefits currently offered through Four Square:


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