Spritzers: The Unofficial Drink of Summer


If you haven’t heard by now, the spritzer is back. Perfect for happy hour or just about any hour, the spritzer is bubbling up all over Jackson Hole. This refreshing, bubbly cocktail — typically made with a chilled wine and carbonated water — has many variations, but no matter how you pour it, it’s a cool, fizzy must. Whether you’re looking to take your spritz to the river or to enjoy while dining out, don’t miss these spritzer favorites.

Teton Spritzer
A tried-and-true spritzer might be best known for its wine and soda combo, but Silver Dollar Bar and Grill isn’t boxed in with labels. The Teton Spritzer switches out the wine for Bozeman’s huckleberry vodka and a dash of Angostura Bitters with lemonade and club soda for a fizzy version of a huckleberry lemonade.

Silver Dollar Spritz

Putt Putt
At Glorietta, get your appetite in gear or stay cruising through the night with this this fizzy delight, full of flavor but easy on the booze. The Putt Putt strays from the traditional idea of a spritzer and comes with vodka, limoncello, lemon sorbet, dry vermouth, Salers aperitif, prosecco and thyme.


Hoxie Spritzer
Pair your pea and ricotta roast with a lip-smackingly crisp Hoxie Spritzer, best enjoyed at Persephone Bakery’s lovely deck on the square. A dry wine spritzer, Persephone serves Hoxie’s lemon ginger and lemon linden blossom varieties from Los Angeles–based chef Josh Rosenstein. Touted for using natural ingredients that are low on the sugar content and Missouri-grown Catawba grapes, these wine spritzers are summertime’s best friend.

Peach Bellini plus soda
The bellini is the original drink of summer for Italians. It’s bubbly, cool, and sweet with its purred peaches and prosecco blend. Inside Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s Mangy Moose, owner David Yoder and team are slinging out top-notch cocktails like the famed spicy margarita, but they aren’t opposed to a little personalizing. The peach bellini can become your must-have summer spritzer with a little club soda to top it off, he explained. Or, order up your favorite wine by the glass and ask to make it a spritzer. The sky is the limit.

Italian Spritz
The Italians know a thing or two about wining and dining well. At the Jackson Hole culinary staple Snake River Grill, refresh your palate with the Italian Spritz, a traditional aperitif — a cocktail consumed before dinner to rouse the appetite — made with beefeater gin, perfectly bubbly prosecco, and Aperol. This version of a spritzer nixes the soda, but the prosecco is enough to get your fizz fix.

Spritzers On The Go
Perfect for your summer get together, a day on the river, or sipping on the porch, Westside Wine and Spirits in Teton Village is stocking Spiked Seltzer’s Indian River Grapefruit and West Indies Lime. Brand new this summer, these low-carb boozy spritzers have been a popular best seller for Westside. From the Connecticut-based company Spiked Seltzer, these spritzers are naturally gluten free with cold-press fruit essence and low sugar content, so you can sip and enjoy without the guilt of grabbing for spritzer number two.

Mocktail Spritzer
Looking for bubbles without the booze? No problem. The Deck @ Piste is whipping up mocktails like the Sparkling Rosemary Limeade, perfect for a cool down after a hike up to the Deck or just to sip and enjoy the views. Made with cinnamon, thyme, rosemary, agave, and a whole lot of bubbly soda, sip and savor away.


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