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Think back 10 years ago, to the beer cooler at your local liquor store. There were probably fewer options, slightly lower prices, and a distinct absence of premium canned beer. It seems like for the last 50 years only lowbrow beer would call an aluminum vessel home. Then, seemingly over the course of a year or two, every well-thought-of microbrewery was canning their own swill, citing reasons from superior chilling times to camping friendly packaging. Suddenly, glass bottles seemed clunky, burdensome and perhaps even less eco-friendly if you were to read the back of certain packaging (although the jury is still out on this one). It was only a matter of time before the rest of the alcoholic beverage industry took note on this phenomenon.

While they are still vastly outnumbered by the glass adorned counterparts, canned cocktails and wine are starting to become the delivery method of the future. We have searched high and low around Jackson to find out where you can find a can of your own.Underwood

Underwood: Wine in a can usually doesn’t get most people excited, but the Underwood line of wines is hoping to change your mind. With five of their most popular blends now sold in cans, you can enjoy the fruits of this Oregon winery’s labor in a compact package. Each can contains a half bottle of wine and ranges from a traditional Oregon pinot to rosé to pinot gris. You can find a couple of their offerings at The Liquor Store, Luckys Market and Jackson Whole Grocer

Funaguchi: The first time I popped one of these open was also probably my first time drinking sake out of a can and thinking, “That wasn’t too bad at all.” Fungaguchi is a Honjozu-style sake that, unlike most sakes, is unpasteurized. The aluminum can keeps beverage-spoiling sunlight away from the drink, as well as ensures everything is kept absolutely airtight. You can find Funaguchi on the menu at Sudachi as well as for purchase at Bin 22 and the Jackson Whole Grocer.

Spiked Seltzer

Spiked Seltzer: This is not your run of the mill Perrier. The Spiked Seltzer line has multiple different flavors including Indian River Grapefruit and West Indies Lime. The beverages are gluten free, low in calories, and super refreshing. Try them on the rocks or as a mixer in your next summertime cocktail. You can find hard seltzer at the Jackson Whole Grocer and The Liquor Store and to accompany your meal at Palate Restaurant.

Infinite Monkey Theorem: A snazzy name and label are not the only thing that sets this up-and-coming winery apart. Dubbed as an urban winery with brick and mortar locations in Austin and Denver, Infinite Monkey Theorem offers a variety of vino styles. They have six canned varieties of which you can find three (white, rosé, and dry hopped pear cider) around Jackson. For retail purchase, Bin 22 is your best bet, although this popular item has a tendency to go quick when in stock. Picnic and Persephone Bakery offer a few varieties for purchase as well, and we’ve also spotted it at Creekside Market.





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