Soup’s On!


Whether you’re counting down the days or in a bit of denial, winter is on its way. Yes, we love a good powder day as much as the next ski bum, but let’s get real: We’re just as psyched for the comfort food. Around Jackson, restaurants are serving up their take on a warming, comfort classic: a steaming hot bowl of delicious soup. From long-time favorites to fall newcomers, it’s soup season!

Corn Chowder | Silver Dollar Bar & Grill

If you’ve sampled the corn chowder at the Silver Dollar Bar & Grill inside the Wort Hotel, you’ll know why it’s earned “famous” in the title. It’s that good. Sautéed bacon, potatoes and the soup starter holy trinity (carrots, celery and onion) add heartiness to the creamy flavor-packed chowder. It’s thick and delicious, and perfect for dipping crusty bread. Cook up a batch at home with the thankfully not-so-secret recipe.corn chowder

BLT Soup | Trio

Will Bradof — chef and owner of Local Restaurant & Bar and Trio — reimagined the iconic BLT sandwich as a soup. On the menu at Trio, the BLT soup has a tomato base that is infused with smoked bacon. The steaming bowl is garnished with sourdough croutons and arugula pesto. With a faint whisper of your childhood tomato soup combined with your favorite BLT flavors, it’s easy to see why this soup is a home run.

French Onion Soup | Rendezous Bistro

An age-old classic at the notable French hot spot Rendezvous Bistro, the French Onion Gratin is a must no matter the time of year. Caramelized onions and flavorful beef broth is finished with perfectly soaked crusty bread and Gruyere cheese. This cheesy, broth-based wonder is a comfort classic dating back to the 18th Century, thanks to its simple ingredients common in cold months. Order up a bowl with a round of oysters or a hearty frisée salad, complete with a perfectly poached egg.bistro french onion soup

Noodle Soups | Teton Thai

Every soup tastes like a long, slow labor of love, but the noodle soups at Teton Thai are extra special. Layers of flavor are infused into these soups in the long hours they are simmered over the stove. Gavin’s Soup is the one to try: rice noodles in hot and sour soup with lemongrass, kaffir leaves, galanga, mushrooms, bean sprouts, cilantro, lime, tomatoes and choice of protein. This soup is, all at once, light and savoury with a heat that isn’t blunt, but rather lingers after you swallow.

Chicken Pozole Verde | Streetfood at the Stagecoach

What makes a soup extra special? When it’s only available one day each week. For the chicken pozole verde at Streetfood, that’s almost true. Yes, this soup is a Thursday special, but it’s special for reasons that go beyond its scarcity. Like most Mexican dishes, the flavors of this soup are melded together and brightened by a combination of traditional seasonings. The hominy-based soup has a green chile broth that is smooth and comforting.

streetfood pozole


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