Snake River Roasting Offers K-Cups


K cupsIf you’ve resisted investing in a Keurig machine because you like to know where you’re coffee comes from, then this news might make you change your mind.

Snake River Roasting Company this week rolled out its new K-Cups for the Keurig.

They will be sold at Albertsons, Jackson Whole Grocer and online. The cups come 10 to a bag, or you can buy 50 cup bags by contact Snake River Roasting.

Cups come in Kirby’s First Tram and Sleeping Indian (a decaf option). The roast date is stamped on the package, just like their coffees, assuring freshness.

“It covers a different market,” said Hannah Daniel, manager. “A lot of people like the convenience of having the Keurig. We wanted to be able to offer that. Not everybody has the time to make a really good cup of coffee.”

Last winter, Snake River Roasting Company began to test single-serve extraction and realized they could offer a significantly better product than is currently on the market.  They tested a mesh cup instead of solid plastic;  grinds and coffee amounts; and coffee varieties to discover which were best suited to this brew.

They’re now unveiling the first true specialty, artisan coffee in single-serve brew cups in the region, according to this post.

The cups are recyclable, but Teton County doesn’t’ recycle No. 5 plastic. Snake River Roasting will take cups to Idaho Falls every other week for recycling. Customers are welcome to drop off empty K-Cups at their warehouse, or they can pick up used cups from your business when they drop off your order.

For more information, call 307-734-9446.



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