Snake River Interiors Tips for a NYE Table


Hosting a New Year’s dinner or a delayed holiday dinner soon? We met with the Snake River Interiors team at Twenty Two Home to learn some tips and tricks to setting a holiday inspired table to socialize with your guests as you eat and drink 2016 away and head stylishly into 2017.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match: Mix and match your table with different plates in the same color scheme, different napkin ring holders, and different size and style glassware. Don’t be afraid to mix metal and glass for accessories such as napkin ring holders. Mixing different color, height, and texture make the table look elegant but welcoming.

Astier de Villatte creates beautiful plates that mix and match perfectly.

Play with Height: Use different glassware to add different height to the table. Stem sizes don’t have to match and some glassware can be etched to add texture to the table.

Simon Pierce creates different stem heights and etched crystal for glassware.

Put Emphasis on Heads of Table: The heads of the table are often reserved for special guests or the host. Add a fluffy pillow, different napkin ring holder, and a different style wine glass to highlight the honored guest.

Vagabond House Bit napkin rings, a statement Astier de Villatte plate and Simon Pierce Crystal for the Head of the Table.

Keep the Centerpiece Low: Your guests are there to talk and socialize. Keep the centerpiece low so guests can chit chat across the table. If you are using a color scheme, green is great to ring in the New Year as it represents a fresh new start. Also make sure to use unscented candles as scented candles can ruin the aroma of the meal.

Keep the centerpiece low and add fun touches like these Happy New Year napkins.

Table Runners are the New Tablecloth: Skip the lace tablecloth. More than likely you have a gorgeous dining room table that you spent a couple hours, if not more, trying to decide to buy. Show it off by using table runners instead of a tablecloth and placemats. Use two table runners horizontal across the width of the table or one down the center length of the table.

This table is custom for Twenty Two Home. Tables can be ordered or sold off the floor. The table runners are Laura Zindel.

Serve like the Queen of England: These martini glasses and vodka glassware are made by William Yeoward, who is the exclusive designer of glassware for the Queen of England. You can only find this line at Twenty Two Home in Jackson. If your guests will be coming over for cocktail hour, serve them like the Queen.

William Yeoward Crystal

Antique Tea Pots and Animal Espresso Cups Make Hangovers Easier: Jan. 1 is labeled as the World Hangover Day. If your guests plan on spending the night with you (don’t drink and drive!) then serve them their shot of espresso or coffee in these cute Lura Zindel mugs.

Laura Zindel and Antique Tea Pot


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