A Sandwhich That Tastes as Good as it Looks


When Shooting Star President John Resor sees something he likes, he doesn’t hesitate to incorporate the idea into his luxurious Teton Village club. Case in point: his club’s version of Thomas Keller’s World’s Greatest Sandwich.


Shooting Star’s version of the greatest sandwich ever features applewood smoked bacon, farm fresh eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and Monterey jack cheese on rustic French bread

Resor first saw this decadent egg, bacon, tomato and cheese sandwich being made while watching the movie Spanglish. At that point, Shooting Star was still under construction, so his wife, Kitty, recreated the dish for him the next day. Immediately he was sold on the idea of putting a version of the sandwich on Shooting Star’s menu as soon as the club opened in summer of 2009.

Sold for $13, this favorite lunch item is a hit with golfers as well as the post-ski crowd. Sadly, you’ll have to be a club member to get a bite. The lunch menu offers amazing salads, pizzas and heartier options such as a chicken pot pie alongside the sandwich. Not to mention stellar desserts.

Chances are that Keller wouldn’t mind the nod to his famous version of The World’s Greatest Sandwich Ever anyway. There is a tutorial online that will teach you how to make it. Keller offers instructions here if you want to try it yourself, but Shooting Star’s version is so good, why bother.


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