Roll With the Punches



When I think about restaurant punch cards, I think about loyalty; loyalty from the customer and also loyalty reciprocated by the restaurant. Restaurants offer punch cards to reward their customers for their dedicated patronage, and customers continue their loyalty to their favorite sandwich and coffee shops by coming back for more. It’s a pleasant cycle.

I also like to think of these cards as a restaurant rewards program. The more you come in, the more you get. Yes, you get a free sandwich or coffee drink at the end of your punch card, but frequent visits present you with more options of food items and prompt you to order something different each time. What’s more rewarding than branching out of your comfort zone and trying a new sub or sandwich you might not have tried anywhere else? Plus punch cards are just plain fun, especially when you find places that have multiple punches in a day. Now, that’s a treat!

Jackson has its fair share of places offering punch cards. The best part about them is that you can get various punch cards from different places and enjoy so many different wonderful coffee drinks, smoothies, sandwiches, soups and salads. Here are some of our favorite places to get punched:

Creekside Deli offers two different types of punch cards, one for breakfast burritos and one for their sandwiches. Buy 10 breakfast burritos or any type of sandwich (separately) and get the 11th one free. The breakfast punch card is only applicable to their burritos, not their whole breakfast menu. The sandwich punch card applies to any and all sandwiches.

Pearl Street Bagels offers two different types of punch cards as well, one for coffee drinks and one for lunch items. Buy nine sandwiches or salads for more than $4.50 each and receive the 10th one free. Their vegetarian breakfast sandwiches are $4 and are not included in the punch card deal, but if you add meat to and sandwich, the price becomes $4.50 or more and can be purchased to be punched. Their coffee drink punch card functions a bit different, with an admirable intention behind it: recycling. Bring in any previously used mug, plastic cup or one of their drink containers and fill it with regular coffee and receive a punch. Do that nine times and receive any of their coffee drinks for free. Talk about customer loyalty and saving the planet.

Cowboy Coffee offers a punch card through their mobile app. Download it, buy 10 items, and receive the 11th one free. Their entire menu is open for punches, including bag coffee, coffee drinks and smoothies, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Jackson Whole Grocer’s juice and smoothie bar offers a punch card just for that. Buy 10 of any of their juice or smoothie drinks and receive the 11th one free.

Jackson Hole Roasters, like Jackson Whole Grocer, has a juice and smoothie punch card too. Buy 10 of any of their coffee or juice drinks and receive the 11th one free.

Full Steam Subs offers one punch card with two different categories on it. The top of their punch card is for sandwiches and the bottom of their punch card is for gyros and hot dogs. Buy 10 of either a sandwich, gyro or hot dog (separately) and receive the 11th free. And do not miss out on their Two Punch Tuesdays deal, when any one of the three previously mentioned items are purchased you get two punches.

Elevated Grounds offers a coffee drink and smoothie punch card; when you buy 10 of any one of their special house blended drinks, you get one free. Just like Full Steam Subs, they have an extra punch opportunity with their “double punch Monday” deal. Purchase any coffee drink or smoothie on Monday and receive two punches.




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