Rations and Basecamp to Open Soon


As soon as Basecamp and Rations open (hopefully this week!) you will never look at the old Exxon in Wilson as Pass Gas again. When you walk into the updated, modern space and see the tile walls and nicely arranged bulk bins filled with healthier treats and some select candy, too, you may forget that this new place even sells gas.

Once you have enjoyed one of four freshly squeezed sloshies, loaded with local alcohol, and relax by the outdoor picnic tables with a fried chicken biscuit sandwich, you may not even remember what the space used to be. The new business is the brainchild of chef Brian Laughlin, who is an owner of the catering business Field Rations and will run the restaurant side of Basecamp known as Rations;  Jimmy Fraser, who is handling Basecamp with sundries and grab and go items; and Allee Cooper, who is the on-sight sommelier.

Basecamp plans to open its doors on  Wednesday, with the Rations side being ready to go within the week or so after.

At Basecamp you will find a full selection of basic snacks and other essentials (yes, they will still sell cigarettes and fountain sodas) but you can also expect a deli case with an upscale selection of charcuterie, cheeses, prepared salads and items like yoghurt parfaits. Since there is already a following for breakfast burritos, they will offer a fresh, hot version of those, as well.

With a full retail liquor license in hand, the sommelier has hand selected a variety of both affordable and higher end wines, with an emphasis on organic and natural wines. Four flavors of fresh sloshies will be on hand at all times as well as four beers and two wines on tap. Stop by on Fridays for regular tastings and to get to know some of the more unusual wines on hand.

rations and base camp

Over at the Rations kitchen, you will find a selection of exciting menu items for breakfast/brunch or lunch and dinner. The menu, which may rotate, will offer items like grits with pork belly and strawberry sofrito, and acai bowl with mixed berries, cocoa nibs and toasted coconut for breakfast. Later in the day an upscale bologna sandwich, a BLT and fried Brussels sprouts are sure to tempt you.

Basecamp will be open beginning at 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

rations and base camp


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