Pretzel Logic


Pretzel logic and pretzels are two very different things. While one describes circular or flawed reasoning, the other is usually served warm and deliciously void of any potential breaches in logic. Dating back centuries to what is now the German and French regions in Europe, pretzels continue to inspire, although more through appetites than philosophical quests today. You would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t like this baked comfort food, although few know the secret to how it is made with its salty crust and airy middle. The secret lies in a quick boil in a baking soda and water mixture before popping it in the oven. This is what gives the pretzel its unique flavor and texture. If you are not feeling like experimenting on baking your own, there are a few places around town that have their own version of this classic favorite. Here is a couple of our top picks.

Snake River Brewing: While they might be known for their liquid bread (beer), they have a pretty darn good bakery as well. Their Scratch Pretzel is made daily and served with a sharp queso dip. It is the perfect accompaniment to any of their award winning beers, especially during happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m.

Pinsetter Pretzel Bites

Hole Bowl: This Jackson Hole hotspot is almost back up and running with their grand reopening scheduled for Wednesday. Enjoy a full week of food specials that you can see here, along with great deals on bowling lanes. Among the many tasty options back on the menu at the Pinsetter for summer are their pretzel bites served with cheese fondue. They make for a great treat in between frames. Just make sure to clean your mitts before hurling a ball down their newly refurbished lanes.

Handle Bar Pretzel

The Handle Bar: This Teton Village restaurant offers up one of the more tasty pretzel options of the bunch. The picturesque setting helps quite a bit, too. Their namesake pretzel features a Grand Teton Brewing 208 session cheese dip, sea salt, and amish butter. It is best enjoyed on the patio after a long bike ride or hike with a couple napkins.

The famous “S”winder Pretzel

Sidewinders: Few places have a pretzel that can claim as much fame as The “S” idewinder Pretzel. This tasty appetizer was featured on Diners, Drive In’s, and Dives, and is definitely a crowd favorite. The best part is, it can be fully customizable; add your favorite pizza toppings for and extra $.50 a piece.

Cutty’s: You would be missing out if you thought Cutty’s just did cheesesteaks and pizza. Among a wide assortment of pre-meal or post-drinking snacks, their Philly soft pretzel with cheese sauce and spicy mustard is a definite favorite

Hayden’s Post: If you haven’t ventured up to Hayden’s Post during the summer, you are missing out. With one of the most scenic patios in town, complete with an outdoor fireplace, couches, Teton views, and a great happy hour, it is a great hideout to meet up with friends. Among their many enticing appetizers and dinner options is the Hiker’s Pretzel. These soft pretzels are served with a Melvin IPA cheese sauce sure to satisfy even the most hungry of adventurers.


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