Pinky G’s Even if You are Gluten Free!


Gluten free? You can still enjoy a pizza at Pinky Gs.

Everyone seems to have their favorite go-to pizza spot. But for foodies with allergies, they are a little harder to come by. A Jackson favorite is Pinky G’s. It’s popular because of it’s downtown location, late hours and great pizza … or so I’d heard.

I had hung out in Pinky G’s after a night on the town with my friends who needed a late night snack. I would watch them eat big slices of fabulous smelling pizza, and when I got the chance I would sneak a pepperoni or two. Little did I know, they have gluten free pizza crusts!

I have tried gluten-free pizza all over Jackson. And I must say that Pinky G’s made my top 2. It ties with Lotus Cafe in my mind for great taste and price.

I ordered the “Flyin’ Hawaiian,” ham, pineapple and jalapenos. It was a great mix of spicy and sweet. My gluten-loving friends tried the pizza and thought the crust was comparable to the gluten-full slices.

They do not have gluten-free beer, but they do have quite a selection of red and white wine as well as other gluten-free spirits.

The regular pizzas are hand tossed and made daily. If you’re not a pizza lover, there are quite a few other options available from soups, salads, appetizers and sandwiches.

Gluten Free

Any pizza is available on a 10-inch gluten-free crust for the same cost as a regular 12-incher. The crusts are frozen, and take about 30 to 45 minutes, quite a bit longer than the usually ready to go slices for gluten eaters, but worth the wait! The only appetizer that does not contain gluten are the French fries. I had the truffle fries, but will stick to the pizza from now on. The salads are safe to eat as long as they are ordered without croutons.

Dairy Free

Pinky G’s does not offer any dairy-free cheese for their pizzas. They do offer salads, appetizers and sandwiches that do not contain dairy. All of the sandwiches have cheese on them except for “The Porky G,” which is pulled pork BBQ and the “Chicago Style Hot Dog.”

Nut Free

There are no nuts used on any of the pizzas, or kept in the restaurant.


There are specialty pizzas without meat and many veggie options for toppings. Any pizza can be ordered without meat. The salads are vegetarian, as well as a few of the appetizers such as the mozzarella sticks and jalapeño poppers. The eggplant Parmesan is the only veggie option from the sandwich selection. The calzones and strombolis are made meat free.

If there’s one place that I wish I had known had gluten-free options when I moved here a year ago, would be Pinky G’s. The atmosphere is very casual and a fun bar scene. I will definitely go back for their gluten-free pizza and recommend it to other foodies with allergies.



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