Persephone: Dinner in the Aspens


Persephone and Picnic may have made their mark on the valley’s breakfast and lunch scene, but their newest West Bank location is also bringing a new dinner option to the neighborhood. Why add dinner to their repertoire? “Why not?” says owner Ali Cohane. Together with her husband and co-owner Kevin Cohane, she tells us, “We love doing what we do and this is just the next extension of it.”


Cohane says that dinner has always been an adventure they’ve wanted to add to their services. Although the dinner service will be the first of theirs to offer table service (instead of counter service), it will continue to keep both atmosphere and product elevated. Yet, Cohane notes that they’d like their dining experience to always be approachable to all.

“We want it to be beautiful, thoughtful food in a really curated, cozy atmosphere. At the same time, we don’t care if you come in in your ski boots or with your family.” Cohane says. Undoubtedly, it’s sure to be a welcoming, delightful dining experience for all.


The dinner menu aligns with the French bistro atmosphere they’ve worked hard to cultivated at each of their locations. However, you’ll find that the traditionally French dishes are infused with Mediterranean accents. In addition, the menu incorporates as much locally-sourced ingredients as possible, which means the menu will be frequently changing in reflection of the seasonality of said ingredients.

As wine enthusiasts, the husband and wife team viewed this expansion of service as an opportunity to share what they believe to be really great drinking options with their patrons. The wine list features all-natural and organic wines, mostly from California and France.

Easing into this added dinner service, Persephone’s West Bank location will be open 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. for breakfast and lunch and then 5:30-9:30 p.m. for dinner, Tuesday-Saturday. During peak seasons, this will likely extend to seven days per week.


Menu Highlights:

Starters: Try the red kuri squash soup with vadouvan, cream, olive oil and parsley, or the garnet yams with black sesame, maple, spinach, almond, blue cheese and truffle.

Meat: Poulet roti-roasted chicken with sweet potato, black kale salad and Castelvetrano olive relish.

Fish: Green fregola sarda with caramelized cauliflower, chard, tomato, cheese and chervil.


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