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cc3We’ve all been there. The event (wedding, dinner party, fundraiser, etc) starts out great. And then, you eat the food. All of a sudden all you can remember is how the “hot” dish was served cold and the ice cream on the dessert melted before it arrived to your table.

Well, if you pick the perfect party planner, that will hopefully never happen again. Camille Parker Thomas may just be the right person for the job. The ex-chef-turned-party-planner will help you create a menu that wows guests the whole way through the evening. cc

With her new business, Parker Thomas Events, Thomas will help you plan an event all the way through and ensure that nothing ruins the evening, especially the food.

“I can help you figure out a menu that will hold up well, and be good from beginning to end,” she said. “That can go wrong quickly and I know what it takes to put out good food for a few hundred people.”

Having run private events for one of Mario Batali’s restaurants in New York, Del Posto, and having been a part of her family business, Nani’s, she has the background to do it. She also worked for an event planning business in Chicago prior to moving back to Jackson, her hometown, this summer.

cc2Thomas, who’s family opened Nani’s when she was 11 years old, spent so much time in the place that she felt it was time to do something new. She is still a consulting chef to the restaurant and can offer her clients a discount on alcohol since they have a retail liquor license at the restaurant.

Parker Thomas Events offers consulting services and event planning for parties of all sizes, including weddings. She is available to do full service party planning as well as partial and just day-of consulting.cc6

Her first event, she said, was her own wedding held last summer at Moose Head Ranch north of town. The food, (think braised meats, a wheel of parmesan which was a nod to her Italian heritage, and passed individual pizzas) was impeccable. The experience she had in planning her big day made her anxious to help others plan parties.

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