Your New Years Foodie Resolutions


What resolutions will you be starting today? Maybe it’s saving more and spending less, perhaps traveling tops your list, or even something as generic as learning a new skill. While all those are great things to strive for, chances are something along the lines of eating healthy tops your list. Getting fit and staying trim are the most commonly made, and broken, resolutions year after year. While we can’t stop you from eating that pizza or occasional pint of ice cream, we can suggest some healthy eating habits (complete with recommendations) for how to start your New Years off right.

Breakfast at Picnic

Eat Breakfast
It is a widely held belief that eating a healthy breakfast (not smothered in hollandaise) is key for a well balanced diet. If you are looking for some healthy options while out on the town, here are a few of our favorites. The newly remodeled Lotus Cafe has a menu full of great options to start your day off right. Check out their raw breakfast bowls as a healthy start. Bubbas is not known for their lighter fare, that being said, this ever popular breakfast establishment has plenty off options other than the “working man’s special” that can keep you on track for a healthy year. Their swiss Muselii or multi grain pancakes are both great options. Cafe Genevieve is also known for their hearty options, but that is not all they offer. Their Spanish fritatta or house-made granola are great choices if you are looking to stay fit. Picnic boasts a wide variety of breakfast options including toasts, and breakfast sandwiches. If you are looking for something packed with flavor that won’t bust your belt, The Crunchy Hippie and Avocado toast are two great places to start.

Whole Grocer Produce

Go Shopping
Cooking for yourself is one of the best ways to stick to a healthy diet. There usually is a reason why food tastes so good when you go out, oftentimes it has way more of those things that make it tasty like butter, oil and salt. The Jackson Whole Grocer has a wide selection of natural, organic and health conscious choices throughout all of their departments. With a wide range of local meat a organic produce, it is a great place to start your meal shopping. Lucky’s Market has quite a few lower price organic options as well as great sales every Wednesday. Stop by and fill up your basket without breaking the bank. Aspen’s Market and Pearl Street Market have a small but well curated meat department to complement a full range of specialty grocery products. Be sure to swing by if you are looking for a hard to find ingredients or looking for the convenience of shopping somewhere close to home.

Healthy Being Juice

Avoid overly sweet drinks
While it is easy to deduce that rich foods are usually packed with calories, it might not be as obvious with drinks. That gin and tonic is actually loaded with sugar, that dark beer, is also full of carbs. Luckily there are plenty of options that aren’t overly sweet but still well suited for a satisfying drink. Healthy Being is one of your best options in town to quench any juice craving. With a full range of cold pressed options, you can find the juice boost you are looking for in the morning or perfect healthy mixer for your next cocktail party. Lotus Cafe not only offers tasty breakfast options but also has a wonderful smoothie menu as well. The juice bar at Whole Grocer has a wide variety of smoothies to choose from as well as four different kinds of kombucha on tap incase a little probiotic kick is on the menu as well

O.S.M. Bread from The Bunnery

Switch to Whole Grains
These are an important, and often overlooked part of most peoples diet is fiber. By switching from processed flour to whole grains, you reduce the amount of carbs while increasing your fiber intake, helping you feel more satisfied for longer periods of time. There are a few local bakeries that have some bread options that are not only full of whole grains, but delicious as well. While it is hard for me to buy anything but the olive thyme bread from 460, their multigrain is a great healthy option. Baked in Driggs and delivered to multiple grocery store and restaurants across the valley daily, grab a loaf for a healthy alternative to a French loaf or baguette. Persephone also has a great multigrain option. Used at Picnic and Persephone for various breakfast dishes, it is packed full of whole grains, and seeds for a satisfying kick. The Bunnery is the oldest bakery in town with one of its original staples, O.S.M. bread still as popular as ever. Standing for oats, sunflower, and millet, this hearty option can be found at almost all area grocer stores and their restaurant on North Cache.

King Sushi Specials

Eat More Fish
It is no surprise that lean protein is better for you than the alternative. Fish is a great way to load up your diet on this healthy option while also providing the benefit of omega 3 oils and loads of unsaturated fat content. While we might be just about as far away from the ocean as you can get, that doesn’t mean there isn’t access to some fresh tasty seafood in Jackson. The Kitchen has a menu loaded with fresh fish options, from their crudo bar to savory main courses. Try their ahi tuna and bay scallop poke or seared striped bass to satisfy even the most voracious seafood craving. Jackson is no stranger to sushi, and Sudachi, located in the Aspens is a great place to get your fix. This West Bank favorite offers traditional sushi, inventive rolls, and an ever changing menu depending on what day you stop by. If you are looking for an option closer to downtown, King Sushi is your place. This intimate sushi and izakaya restaurant is the perfect place to cozy up to some extremely fresh sashimi and enjoy the snow falling outside the quaint log cabin. They also now accept reservations, which is essential considering how popular this local establishment has become.


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