New Menu Items and Events from Streetfood


It’s safe to say that Streetfood at the Stagecoach is a Wilson favorite. Whether you’re in the neighborhood for pass laps or on your way to or from Idaho, Streetfood is a must-stop for food that is fresh, fast and flavorful. Well, the consistently pleasing establishment has added some new flavors to their menu, and events to their schedule. Read on for more details…


Chinese pineapple tofu bowl.

New Menu Items

We may be the first to endorse the street tacos on Streetfood, but we are more than willing to branch out and try one of their new menu items. Whether that’s the shishito peppers with Korean soy sauce, fried garlic and pickled vegetables or the loaded al pastor fries. The Chinese pineapple tofu bowl is packed with surprising flavors found in garlic rice, crispy tofu, pineapple soy and scallions. And for some new options between bread, try the banh mi or chicken al pastor club with bacon, Swiss cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.

In addition to these must-try menu additions, stop in on specific days of the week for their daily specials. These include: pork posole roja on Monday, Marco’s pork ramen on Tuesday (see below), birria tacos on Wednesday, chicken posole verde on Thursday, milanesa tortas on Friday and carnitas tacos on the weekend.

streetfood shisito

Shisito peppers.


Ramen Tuesdays

Back by popular demand: Ramen Tuesdays (previously Sundays) at Streetfood. During these colder months, ramen is not only comforting and delicious, but also quite nourishing. Composed of flavorful broth, noodles and toppings, the ramen at Streetfood is layered with flavors. And slurping is encouraged! Swing in for this dish, all day on Tuesdays.

streetfood ramen

Marco’s Pork Ramen is back, all day on Tuesdays.

Around the World Dinner

Another old favorite making its return to Streetfood is the Around the World dinner. These dinners highlight the cuisine from a specific region, in a multi-course event that is a fun and social way to expand your palate during the off-season. Monday, December 9, at 7 p.m., the Around the World dinner will highlight the flavors of India with a wholly vegetarian menu. Start with assorted naan and rotis, followed by vegetarian samosas with spiced root vegetables and eggplant. Next up is poosanikai sanbhar: south Indian stewed lentils with pumpkin; gobhi rassa: cauliflower steaks with coconut chile chutney and pickled eggplant; and finish with shahi tukde: cardomam and saffron bread pudding. This event is $45 per person, and reservations must be made by calling 307-200-6633.

Wine Dinner on a Budget at Butter

Over the hill, in Victor, Idaho, Streetfood’s sister restaurant, Butter, is hosting a wine dinner on Saturday, November 23. During a slow season when money is tight, we’re excited to see the incredible value of this dinner. The four course menu highlights delicious Italian flavors and pairs them with wine. The menu includes a panzanella salad, fettuccine marinara, polpetton (Italian meatloaf) and rustic apple cake. The best part: just $28 per person.

Also at Butter, enjoy two-for-one breakfast, lunch and dinner when you follow them on Instagram or Facebook. Dinner is only Wednesday-Saturday, with breakfast and lunch being served daily.


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