National S’mores Day Treats by Persephone


Just when we thought Jackson’s quintessentially French-inspired bakery, Persephone, couldn’t get any more chic…it did. This Friday, in celebration of National S’mores Day, Persephone Bakery is pulling out all the stops to honor summertime’s favorite campfire treat.smores day

In the Cafe

Throughout the year, not solely in summer, the glass display case at Persephone presents their homemade s’mores cookies for purchase. In addition, packages of their house-made marshmallows (once you go there, you never go back) are available for purchase on the regular. Around the holidays, they get festive with Emergency S’mores Kits and seasonal marshmallow variations. National S’mores Day, however, has its own special offerings. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the café, enjoy s’mores on the deck. An order of Deck S’mores gets your group of 4-8 all the s’mores fixings, complete with a tiny fire. For something less traditional, try s’mores croissants or s’mores ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream sandwiches are a collaboration with local artisan ice cream producer Cream + Sugar.smores day

Around Town

If you can’t make it to Persephone, the Cream + Sugar s’mores ice cream sandwiches can also be purchased at Bin22. Persephone is hosting an event Friday evening at the Anvil Hotel to celebrate sweet little s’mores. The ice cream sandwiches will be available, as well as s’mores toasting stations in the hotel lobby using Persephone’s afore-mentioned Emergency S’mores Kits. Adults can also indulge in toasted cocktails from Glorietta Trattoria. This event begins at 4:30 p.m. at the Anvil Hotel. While there, enter to win two nights stay at the Anvil Hotel and an event s’mores bar from Persephone.smores day

Other News

Remember, all of these festivities, and more, can be kept up with on the Persephone Locals Line smartphone app. Recently, Persephone has added a happy hour menu to its repertoire. Think of the fresh, unique flavors you would expect from a product of Persephone, served up on unique charcuterie boards and in happy hour cocktails. These options range from mimosas to iced Irish coffee, but also include canned wines, beer and wines by the glass.  The savory boards are constructed around a cheese: burrata, feta, cheddar or midnight moon. From there, flavors are rounded out to include a variety of flavors and textures. For the cheddar board, the cheese is paired with Sweet Cheeks Meats pork rillettes, cornichons, whole grain mustard and Persephone bread. Enjoy this menu every day from 3-6 p.m.


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