Letters to Jackson, No. 2


The weather since being in Europe has been wet and often cold. I am still quite pasty from not hiking Snow King or going to Jackson Lake and I am getting tired of wearing (the same pair) jeans every day. To compound the slightly homesick feeling I am experiencing after 2 months and 10 cities I have received this from a friend:

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to respond and therefore, I have been doing lots of things that don’t include paying a whole lot of attention to email. Summer in Jackson is, in fact, treating me quite well, playing lots of music, hiking, biking, tubing, trying to learn how to fly fish and working on an art project involving wild flowers, weeds and spray paint.

Don’t get me wrong–I have had a great time on the whirlwind and it is an experience that is priceless, absolutely unforgettable already. And, it hasn’t been entirely rainy the whole time…however in London, they keep saying that it never rains “this much” (each of my eight days here saw rain). Luckily for me, I have spent most of the time indoors rehearsing in Hackney, East London.

What does one do to take a break from the cold rain in a should-be summer’s evening? Sip on Pimms, of course!  The gin-herbed based elixir is topped with lemonade and served with bits of apple, orange, strawberry, cucumber and mint.

Tonight was my last evening, and after my show we stopped in Stratford for a post-performance celebration. First stop, Thai food at Busaba with an amazing view of the Olympic stadium. Across the way we headed to Moos for one celebratory Pimms (on tap, but of course). Quite apropos, the place had a nice “cowboy” theme and was all a-buzz with the Olympic support staff getting a night cap.

One of my favorite places in Jackson to go after a play (especially closing night) that I have been in is Thai Me Up. After the show I am always hungry because skipping dinner is quite often par for the course. TMU is one of the few places still serving food in the evenings and it’s campy, lively atmosphere is also exactly where you want to be when you have that glow after being on stage.

I always cross my fingers in hopes that the Massaman curry with the sweet, nutty cardamom flavors is the $6 skid curry option. In addition to that scrumptiousness, my favorite, slightly naughty pleasure was the Thaigarita. This drink goes down easy with its smooth lime and coconut milk combination of perfection…and with the toasted coconut rim I am always enticed to have another (or maybe three). I mean, it is a time to be cheerful!

I am on the tube on my way home to Hckney, leaving for a flight to Rome in three hours. And, as I get my already soggy umbrella ready, I am imagining you lovely people raising your glasses on the porch of Thai Me Up after your great post-performance somewhere in the outdoors I miss so much.


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Alice likes people and food a lot. That’s why she’s excited to pursue this new adventure with Dishing! She thinks visiting with the people of this fine town while sipping a cocktail, trying a new dish or maybe even dancing is a fantastic way to spend an evening. Alice loves to bring the theatre out in her food experience, wherever that may be. Living in Southern Italy for five years before arriving in Wyoming, she finds her happy place with wine in hand, making Limoncello while feeding fresh pasta and a mean Tiramisu to her friends while humming (loudly) “’O Sole Mio”.

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