La Vie en Rose: French Finds in Jackson


This November, I was lucky enough to spend an entire month in what I consider to be the loveliest city in the world… Paris. For me, Paris is the capital of all things beautiful: exquisite art, stunning architecture, show-stopping fashion, and of course, extraordinary food.

Arriving in Jackson, I set out on a mission to find similar versions of some of my favorite French foods. To my surprise, many of my new Jackson options rival their original French counterparts!

Croissants from Persephone Bakery

There are few things more quintessentially francais than the croissant, and I was sure to try as many as possible during my stay in Paris. My absolute favorite was from Blé Sucré, a tiny patisserie in the 12th arrondissement. My favorite Jackson croissant definitely goes to Persephone Bakery. Like the ones from Blé Sucré, Persephone’s croissants are the perfect blend of light, flakey and buttery. Beyond the pastries, Persephone’s charming ambiance and excellent coffee take me straight back to Paris’s cafe scene. I can’t wait to enjoy a croissant on the outdoor deck come spring! pearl street market

Camembert from Pearl Street Market

One of my favorite rituals in Paris was my afternoon walk to the fabulous neighborhood cheese shop, Fromagerie Laurent Dubois. Each time I came in, I would consult the fromager for a recommendation. Despite all the options, I often came back to an original favorite… Camembert. Tangy and buttery, it’s the perfect cheese to spread on a baguette. Back in Jackson, I found a delicious goat Camembert at Pearl Street Market. Though it’s crafted in upstate New York, this cheese tastes straight from France. Pearl Street Market also stocks great salumi and baguettes – it’s your one stop shop for the ideal charcuterie platter.

Sancerre from Bin22

Of course, I need the perfect wine to pair with my Camembert, which goes best with lighter French wines like Sancerre or Pouilly-Fume. Luckily, Bin22’s wine shop has a huge selection and feels a lot like the small neighborhood wine shops I visited in the Marais neighborhood of Paris. Crochet Sancerre, La Croix du Roy, which I picked up at Bin22, is the exact same one I enjoyed while sitting outside on the Place des Vosges.bistro raw bar

Oysters from Rendezvous Bistro

A final French favorite… oysters! Huîtres (wee-tra, as they are called in French) are in season and most delicious during any month that has an R in it (September – April). Oysters vary dramatically, from large and meaty to small and delicate, and it’s best to order a variety to see what you prefer. Luckily, the Bistro offers Oyster Happy Hour nightly from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. at the bar, where you can enjoy oysters for just $2 each!


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Rosie Hansen has lived in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York City and is thrilled to now be in Jackson Hole - a small town with a big food scene. Growing up, Rosie didn’t have one cook in the house, so she quickly learned the value of an excellent restaurant meal. Now in her twenties, she knows how to debone a trout and isn’t afraid to butcher a whole butternut squash. Rosie’s favorite food memories are from her travels... the freshest green papaya salad in Thailand, decadent burrata ravioli in Florence, crispy street food falafel in Paris, and the perfect slice of toro sashimi in Tokyo.

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