JH Winery is Leading the Pack

Wine Barrels at JH Winery

Wine Barrels at JH Winery

I had the pleasure of taking the trip out to Jackson Hole Winery for the first time last week. I was famillar with their wines, and knew I liked them, but I was still curious about the story behind it. Out on Boyles Hill Road behind Smiths and the High School you will find the Schroth family home where Jackson Hole Winery is located.

Wine Maker Anthony Schroth and his father are the workhorses behind the operation. They transformed the property that they moved to in the 1970s, the original home of Spring Creek Dairy, into a quickly growing wine operation. The operation is unassuming, a long driveway with a large barn old barn and a couple family dogs running around. When I met up with Anthony, he was in the storage and tasting area in front of the house. I have been to wineries before when pretension and overdone showrooms seemed to act as a way to mask what they were really selling, wine. Jackson Hole Winery lets their product, knowledge and welcoming atmosphere speak for itself. I tried four great reds, all very aproachable and a perfect match for your next barbecue or dinner party. With names like Rendezvous Red, Catch and Release, and The Outlaw, JH Winery stays true to their Jackson roots while sourcing choice fruit from Sonoma and Napa.

The will even be on the pouring list for the James Beard Dinner featuring local Jackson chefs in October. You can set up a tasting of your own by calling 307-201-1057. Speaking of tastings, Anthony took me on a tour of their new prospective facility in a gorgeous rustic barn on the property. Consistently doubling production over the past couple years, they are going to need a new space to showcase their product. Look for it to open next spring/summer and make sure to pay them a visit.

New Tasting Room Scheduled to Open Next Year

New Tasting Room Scheduled to Open Next Year

You can find all their wines at The Liquor Store and all but The Outlaw at Bin 22. Not in town to go pick some up? JH Winery just introduced a new mailing list that you can sign up for to recieve some great deals on wines shipped to you house. Check out The Wolf Pack for more info.

It is easy to feel a disconnect with our wine when places like California, South America, Spain, and countless others are so far away. Here is a chance to keep your money local and enjoy a great product while your at it. As Anthony said, what they do is truely a labor of love. With the Schroth family and Jackson Hole Winery, their labor of love is something we all can enjoy.


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