Jackson Hole Foodie Dives Into Making Mozzarella


Jacksonholefoodie.com, JH Foodie, Annie Fenn, Mozzarella, Making Mozzarella, Dining Jackson Hole, Dishing Jackson HoleTwenty-one pounds of mozzarella curd, 15 bottles of wine, 13 women, 4 pounds of pizza dough, dozens of toppings, and one wood-fired pizza oven named Maxey.

It’s a mozzarella-making party.

Karen and I thought it would be fun to have a few friends over to her kitchen studio (where Maxey lives) and make some mozzarella cheese.

Then we found out that Food52.com was encouraging people everywhere to have mozzarella potlucks and share what they learn on their website.

We signed up to be an official mozzarella-making site, right here in Jackson.


To continue reading about Jackson Hole Foodie’s adventure in mozzarella-making, head on over to jacksonholefoodie.com.


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A retired gynecologist turned food writer, Annie Fenn writes about food and life in Jackson Hole. Lately, she has been struggling to keep up with the caloric needs of her two soccer- and skiing-obsessed teenage boys. Find more of her recipes at www.jacksonholefoodie.com and follow her on Instagram @jacksonholefoodie for more frequent foodie inspiration.

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