Jackson Hole Foodie: Almond (and Date) Joy


jackson hole foodie, jh foodie, nutter butter, smoothie, recipe, dishing jh, dining jh“I can’t believe you haven’t blogged this yet”, says young Nick, as he downs another Nutter Butter Smoothie and dashes outside to play soccer.

The Nutter Butter Smoothie has become permanently entrenched in our busy schedules.

It wears many hats:  liquid breakfast, after-school snack, post-workout electrolyte replenisher.

Dressed up with a straw, you could even pass it off as dessert.

If you love almonds, this smoothie is for you. It has almond butter, almond milk, and a dash of almond extract. Frozen bananas are in there too, of course.

And another ingredient that I hide from my kids:  Dates.  (They don’t like dates.) Dates provide natural sugar, iron and tons of potassium. Not to mention calcium and magnesium in a near perfect 1:1 ratio, ideal for busy kids who play soccer 3 hours or more a day.

Without the plump, soft deep amber-brown Medjool dates, which are transformed by the blender into chewy bits, the Nutter Butter would be just another smoothie.

For more and the recipe for this sweet and powerful treat, hop on over to jacksonholefoodie.com


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A retired gynecologist turned food writer, Annie Fenn writes about food and life in Jackson Hole. Lately, she has been struggling to keep up with the caloric needs of her two soccer- and skiing-obsessed teenage boys. Find more of her recipes at www.jacksonholefoodie.com and follow her on Instagram @jacksonholefoodie for more frequent foodie inspiration.

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