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Tis the season of giving, and Dishing has teamed up with Catch and Release to bring you a holiday giveaway that’ll make you feel like santa came early this year. Hurry over to the Catch and Release website to enter this giveaway by Dec. 6. The lucky winner will receive $200 worth of wine and dine goodies, which will include: a $75 gift certificate to Persephone, 12 gold rimmed salad plates, a glass decanter, and a bottle of Bedrock wine. They had me at Persephone.

Catch and Release is Jackson’s first online furniture and décor consignment store. Their team makes it easy for buyers and sellers to exchange pre-loved furniture and home décor pieces. Part of their full-service consignment service includes delivery arrangements. Sellers who are updating, relocating, or redesigning will love the opportunity to turn their gently-used furniture into cash. Meanwhile, buyers looking for their next statement pillow, dining room table, or lamp will love shopping from the convenience of your couch. catch and release

Samantha Danahy, a professional organizer and owner of In Place, launched Catch and Release in May. The idea for the site came with a common Jackson question, “What do I do with the stuff I can’t move into my new house?” It’s like an estate sale online: Catch and Release can sell an entire home of furniture and décor, or just a few pieces that no longer fit with the design scheme. Instead of letting those items sit in storage, the seller makes money and the buyer gets a piece that enhances their home.

catch and release lampThis business, small and local, operates like a similar nationwide business. Therefore, there is greater convenience and flexibility in delivery. Don’t order something off Amazon or Pottery Barn when you can get it from the other side of town. Catch & Release is making the home decorating process more environmentally friendly, reusing and recycling items that would otherwise be discarded or ordered from greater distances.

The inventory on Catch and Release’s site is ever-changing, with quality, gently used goods that aren’t overpriced. If you want to get ahead on this inventory, you have to join the mailing list. Only mailing list members will get notified when the site’s inventory is changing or they’re running a sale. If you’re looking for a specific item, you can notify the Catch and Release team, and they’ll personally coordinate with you to keep on the lookout for your perfect piece.

Click here to check out Catch and Release’s current inventory of items.


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